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HIM&HER // five

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Five years on, He is still the best person I know. I am beyond glad to have this guy by my side.  He is the greatest.

We took a little adventure around the roads of Central Hawkes Bay and the Manawatu region. Stopping by every  Op Shop, Curios and Second Hand dealer we could find. The sun shone and the ginger ale flowed. It was our kind of holiday. Maybe more so if I could’ve swapped some ginger ale for Naths cider, but I am not complaining…much.

In other news, the final countdown in commencing, with but THREE WEEKS until we hope to meet our Coco Darling . So it is battle stations here. Just casually setting up her little corner, washing clothes, making freezer meals and generally nesting up a very big storm.

More on that next time.

Until then.


HIM&HER // Four Years, my love.

Speeden 32 Speeden Wedding DSC_0512 Speeden 1022 DSC_1543 DSC_1637 DSC_1697Photography by :: Aaron of  IN YOUR SHADOW

On a very rainy and stormy day, on the seaside of small town, I married the most brilliant man I know. Nathaniel. Now four years on, a few tattoos, wrinkles and one mustache later, her is still the most brilliant man I know, Still the love of my life, Still the babe of all babes.

Here is to another year of great times, hard times, laughs and home brew.

Love you Babe.

Your Blackbird.x