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The final and full reveal.

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Its almost bitter sweet writing this post, but it’s pretty fun to see all the before photos to see how far we came!

As a few of you may know, the old ( ish ) girl was bought down from the mighty Waikato in the summer of 2014, in various types of disrepair, and in two pieces. We then began to fix her from the bottom up! Above are a few snaps of what she looked like before, not so pretty.

But here is what she looks like today!


The exterior was painted in Resene Foundry, and landings in Resene Woodsman Cedar Stain 

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The Master bedroom was painted in Resene Black White

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The bathroom was painted in Resene Black White, with Resene Smoky Green on the floors


The Laundry was painted in Resene Atomic, with Resene Smoky Green on the floors

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The Hallway was painted in Resene Double Alabaster, while the Spare Room and Office  was painted in Resene Black White, with Office floor in Resene White Gloss .

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The lounge and Dining where painted in Resene Black White, with Office floor in Resene White Gloss .

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The kitchen  was painted in Resene Double Alabaster.


The fire pit fence was painted in Resene Blue Bark with Resene Woodsman Cedar Stain  on the built in seating.

And as many of you know we have now sold, and moved into a new project ( at the same time as another pretty big project ) But before leaving we were lucky enough to have our main gal Heather Liddell fully document our first home and renovation for the latest issue of Homestyle magazine. I then got all nostalgic ( read pregnancy hormonal ) and wanted to share a few of our favourite snaps.

Although you may have seen snippets of the progress in Homestyle over the last year, if you are after more information on what we did, how we did it, and more detail on the Resene paint colours we chose ( beware, there is A LOT of black white ) you can check out my  previous posts. And if you want to read the full story pick up a copy of Homestyle, or head over here!

Here’s to ( all ) the new adventures!

RITUALS | Skin Care Routine



I often get emails asking me what I do for my skin care routine, and until now I havent really thought it was worth sharing, but on the approach to the big 30 this year, there has been even more of a focus on my own regime, and therefore something that may be worth sharing.

I have always tried to look after my skin, always wash my make up off – even if it meant using gallon bottle water, behind the tour van, somewhere between Salt Lake and Sacramento. I now try to wear sunscreen on my face any time I step outside the door ( Dear skin, Please forgive me for the summer I thought it was a great idea to lie in the sun covered in baby oil.  ) But sometimes you just have to do a little extra to give yourself a fighting chance at growing old gracefully.

So here is what I do,

Every morning I steam my face and wipe with a knitted cloth,  got mine from Father Rabbit . It’s such a great way to wake up your face and clean off that sleepy feeling. I then spritz with a Rose Water Toner, I have mixed up my own, but am busting to try Petal Head’s Face Mist. Then comes the magic. Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum. Oh man does this stuff work. Serious anti ageing miracle worker. If I am headed out the sunscreen I use is Coola Organic Suncare, with it’s amazing matte finish.

My night regime varies. But mostly I use Burt’s Bee’s Cream Cleanser, Although they have recently changed something in their recipe and I am not loving it as much, so on the hunt for a new one. Recommendations welcome. Then I lather on Health Yeah’s oil recipe and maybe another bit of that magic serum. In winter I have also been using Coconut Oil to combat that dry winter skin or Millstream Gardens Galens Cold Cream ( these guys also do all the most amazing salves and natural remedies )  Finishing off with Petal Head Spice Rose Lip Balm.

Once a week I like to do a mask ( Welcome to my exciting Friday night ritual, face mask, nail painting and netflix. ) For this I love May Lindstrom Honey Mud,  I also use this or my cleanser twice a week, mixed with a little sugar as an exfoliant. And once every few months I treat myself to a Holistic facial at Tonic Room.

I am of the belief that skin care is one of the things worth saving your pennies for and investing in. You have to live with and see that face everyday! …Also, sometimes it is just nice to treat yo self.

Care to share your favourite products or routines?

Until next time.


Indoor Plant Guide


I think one of my first ever plants was a tiny cactus my mum bought me, probably a lesson in looking after something, and I probably killed it.  But a few years back I rediscovered my love for indoor plants, and learnt swiftly that they aren’t as easy to look after as that little cactus ( and even that I managed to wipe out )

So here is a crash course using my green thumb knowledge aka having to learn as the husband refused to buy more plants that I would eventually end up having to dispose of.


The Cactus | This particular little guy is part of the Opuntia family, or paddle cactus. He likes the light, but not harsh sun, Cacti can burn. And water, once a month is fine. Make sure you use Cacti soil, which is well draining, usually a pumice mix.


The Rubber Tree |  The Rubber tree is part of the Ficus family. With is broad glossy leaves is a real beaut. Keep near a window for bright, filtered light. Away from a draughty door, and make sure you let it dry out a little between waters.  I also tend to use a damp cloth to wipe any dust off the leaves every few months.


The Split Leaf Philodendron | I love the Philodendron family, they are one of my favs. This Monsteria Deliciosa is super easy care and looks stunning! They need medium to bright light, but not direct sun. Keep the soil a little damp, but not soggy.


The Heart Leaf Philodendron | Another Philodendron, and this was the first plant I bought back in 2010! She has made the eight house moves with us over the last 5 years, and still going strong. They are hardy and can tolerate low light, but prefer moderate to bright, but never direct sun.  Keep the soil damp, but in winter allow to dry out between watering. Every six months I like to chuck mine in the shower and hose her off.


The Hoya | Otherwise known as a wax plant. I remember my grandmother having these growing up, they have the most beautiful cluster of pink flowers. They like it by a north facing window with filtered light, and they love a little mist! Keep the soil damp, and allow to dry out a little between waters in winter. I have mine in the bathroom and it is loving it there!


The Peace Lily | The most common issue for these guys is over watering. They vary in how much water they need so the best way to tell is touch the soil once a week and only water if it’s dry. They tolerate under-watering more than over-watering.  They prefer low to medium light. As they have beautiful broad leaves, they can do with a wipe every now and then to get rid of the dust.


The Succulent | This Burros tail or Sedum morganianum. They like bright light and occasional watering. Pretty low care and easy to propagate. But be careful when you move them as they are fragile!


There you go, a little lesson 101 on Indoor plant care! All my plants are from local gardening stores, so go have a look! If they don’t have them, a lot of the time they can order in for you!

For a chance to win the beautiful ‘ Blue Water’ Print by Penney + Bennett, head over to Facebook to see how!

Until next time, Happy gardening!


Tonic Room

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For those that know me also know that I am a sucker for a little natural pampering, but those who know me even better will tell you that it is not often that I actually make time to do so. After 10 days in Auckland, on the end of back to back meetings, pick ups, shoots, amazing food, drink and friends I was not only ready for some down time but rather desperate for it to. Walking into Tonic room was an overwhelmingly welcome respite.

On opening the doors I was greeted with a sense of calm and the most delicious peppermint tea, after a catch up with the delightful owner Kat ( namely about how atrocious Auckland weather was that week for our hair, you know, the important things ) I was swept upstairs to the quietest corner that houses of their Holistic Facials. Soft light, sweet smells and the comfiest bed, they could do no wrong.

Tonic Rooms Holistic approach is, in my humble opinion  the way  it should be, not simply lathering you in smelly lotions and potions, but considering skin sensitivity, supplements, relaxation and more. At the end of my 60 minutes of repose ( most of which was spent trying to not fall asleep ) I felt pretty darn radiant and relaxed! Next trip to Auckland, I know exactly where I am headed. In the words of  Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle ,Treat Yo Self .

Until next time