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The master bedroom is getting there, and one of the last things I wanted to do was to make some sheer curtains, to add privacy and to give it all an extra lux feel. Who doesn’t love a little glamour in the bedroom ah girls?

First job was finding the perfect fabric. Something that fell beautifully, was sheer, but opaque enough and colour perfection. Of course my dear friends at  The Fabric Store were beyond helpful and amazing and found perfection amongst their rolls of fabric.

Next, I needed to make the tie back.

Here is how I created mine.




A brass swivel eye snap hook, Available at your local hardware store.

Cream cotton cord, I got mine from my local Emporium.


Needle and thread.




Measure loosely around your bunched curtain, double that measurement and this is the length of your cord.

Next, pull the cord in half, with your two loose ends in the middle, loop the cord through the eye of the snap hook, using a cow hitch knot.

Finally, Take your two loose ends, overlap and stitch the needle through both. Loop around, stitch again, repeating until the ends are secure and won’t pull apart. At this point, if you don’t want thready ends, use a long length of clear tape and wrap it around the join.



And you’re done! Simple, cost effective and looks bloody grand, Tick, tick, tick.

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27 thoughts on “MAKE IT // brass curtain tie back

  1. Thank you for that amazing DIY. I just did it this weekend on my velvet navy curtains and it looks WONDERFUL!

    1. Thanks Chloe! Sorry I am late on the reply, would love to see a picture! They sounds brilliant!

  2. I love that curtain fabric – may I ask what colour/fabric it is! Its really perfection!

  3. I love this! Question: does it ever fall down? Have you fastened the tieback to the curtain in the back with anything?

    1. Hi Sarah! Yes! I have used a cup hook at the back to keep the tieback up and to hang it when it is not tied back!

      1. Where does the cup hook attach and how? Would love more details on this part of the d.i.y.

  4. Great. Diy type inexpensive. Unusual & luxury look , going to try it. Cheryllynne77

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