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Thailand | Bangkok

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I have been a little MIA as of late, Blackbird Goods has been sucking up most of my extra time, But I am back! And thought I would share a few snaps from our trip to Thailand. 

We embarked and ended our journey in Bangkok, beautiful, crazy Bangkok. With The Monocle Guide to Bangkok in hand, we were insanely excited to eat and experience all Bangkok had to offer, while of course chucking some work in there. Well it may have been a bit the opposite, there were far too many great things to be found ( that will soon grace the shelves of Blackbird Goods ) and we seemed to run out of luck with establishments, arriving too late or on the wrong day. Note to self, always check before you venture across the city. Nevertheless, Bangkok is an incredible city, always bustling with people, smells, plants and delicious food. And it’s always a bonus when it’s Chinese new year.

Next stop, Krabi and Koh Lanta.

More soon



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The beauty of this place is so overwhelming, so grand, and so vast. From the almost inhabitable land, to the lush bush to the towering mountains. I want to go back.

There truly is nothing like being in the depths of this great country to get perspective.

And, yes, that second photo of me at the edge of the waterfall is when I got a little vertigo.

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Home & Away

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Unlike previous summers, we spent most of ours at home. We usually spend the summer in a bit of a mad rush between families and friends, never really feeling like we have had a break. So with this in mind we thought we would stick around, spending our days in a balance of renovations and swimming in the river.

We headed north to visit my parents in the new year, it’s quieter and feels more like home at that time of year.  It never really feels like summer until I am swimming in the Northland waters.

And now to get back to ‘normal’ and get stuck into 2015!!

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MAKE IT | orange ornaments

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Every year I decide on my new Christmas ‘theme’ and hunt high and low for the right decorations, as well as try my hand at making a few.  And the next year, I don’t like them anymore and I generally give them to the op shop. So this year on my quest for a more thoughtful Christmas I decided enough was enough.

After reading this article again in Kinfolk

“Instead of buying a bunch of meaningless ornaments just for the sake of having something to hang, let them accumulate over time so they have real stories and significance attached to them. In the meantime, adorn your home with more temporary accoutrements such as leafy satsumas, or fragrant oranges “

It resonated with me, and so I decided to do just that.

I used two oranges, cutting them around half a centimeter thick, nice and even. I then took a baking tray, lined it with grease proof paper (otherwise they stick like no bodies business) and popped the oranges on. With the oven at 120 degrees celsius, I put them in and waited. Mine seemed to dehydrate in around 2 hours. Make sure to turn them a few times or they will stick a little. I then used cotton thread and made a loop to hang them from. And that was it! Unbelievably easy.

So this year our tree holds copper lights, wooden nut crackers I bought in America the first year we were married, and dehydrated oranges.   Simple, but quite pretty really.

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