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Unlike previous summers, we spent most of ours at home. We usually spend the summer in a bit of a mad rush between families and friends, never really feeling like we have had a break. So with this in mind we thought we would stick around, spending our days in a balance of renovations and swimming in the river.

We headed north to visit my parents in the new year, it’s quieter and feels more like home at that time of year.  It never really feels like summer until I am swimming in the Northland waters.

And now to get back to ‘normal’ and get stuck into 2015!!

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HIM&HER // five

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Five years on, He is still the best person I know. I am beyond glad to have this guy by my side.  He is the greatest.

We took a little adventure around the roads of Central Hawkes Bay and the Manawatu region. Stopping by every  Op Shop, Curios and Second Hand dealer we could find. The sun shone and the ginger ale flowed. It was our kind of holiday. Maybe more so if I could’ve swapped some ginger ale for Naths cider, but I am not complaining…much.

In other news, the final countdown in commencing, with but THREE WEEKS until we hope to meet our Coco Darling . So it is battle stations here. Just casually setting up her little corner, washing clothes, making freezer meals and generally nesting up a very big storm.

More on that next time.

Until then.


WORK // Empire Hair Tailor shoot

Hair // Andy from Empire Hair Tailor

Photography //  Heather from Heather Liddell Photography

Styling  //  Me from Here

Models //  Polly, Joe, Rikki, Trieste

Make up // Tanya from Hello Tanya

Clothing from : p u b l i c l i b r a r y & Stylist own.

You may remember a while back I posted a “behind the Scenes “ of a photo shoot that I styled for. Well here are the final images taken by Heather. And I must say, they are pretty bangin’. No surprises there.

 And here is a reason that I only go to Andy for my hair, He is a bit a of a pro, simple but dreamy hair. Well done Andy, Well done team.

Until next time.

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PHOTO A DAY // 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Yeahhhhh, Maybe I am not so good at this photos a day thing, although these photos have been taken each day, just haven’t posted the. So I am sort of allowing myself to do a weekly catch……..and here they are.

5 // HERE FOREVER : Don’t think I will be getting rid of these puppies anytime soon, Tattoos care of Steve Wood at Sacred Tattoo 

6 // GETTING READY : Choosing between black, grey, stripe and denim.

7 // WHITE : I take my coffee white.

8 // MADE BY ME : Photo of driving through arizona made into a poster.

9 // ON THE WALL : Dots

10 // SWEET : The best honey in the world. Thanks J.FRIEND & Co.

11 // WHAT YOU DID TODAY : Unpacked. So many boxes.

12 // SHADOW : Got in trouble because I didn’t put these in the shadows.

13 // UNEXPECTED : Baby Figs on the Fig tree. Pumped.

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