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Lounge | Before & After, and finding the perfect standing lamp

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That beautiful capture of the pooch Frankie Blossom and I was snapped by the ever incredible photographer and gal pal Heather Liddell. All other photos by Blackbird.

Artwork by Blackbird | Couch from Big Save | Tassel Cushion by Blackbird, | Tweed Cushion from Jamie Kay | Cream cushion old Country Road | Sheepskin from Lapco | Hide on floor from Lapco | Coffee Table by Blackbird & Co | Marble Vase old Country Road | Candle by Curio Noir | Shibori Cushion by Blackbird | Day bed refurbished by Blackbird & Co, covered in fabric from The Fabric Store | Cane chair vintage, Thrift store find | Grey Rug, vintage off Trade Me | Leather Moroccan pouf from Let Liv | Rubi lamp from Let Liv | Linen Look curtains are DIY with Drop cloths from here  | Sideboard, vintage off Trade Me | Driftwood Candle holder by Blackbird

Nearly one year on, and it is incredible to stand back and see how much we have done, and how far we have come. With most of the major projects done, we have the hallway and spare room to go. Can you imagine, a finished house!?! Amazing.

So here it is, in all her white on white glory ( Sorry to all the unpainted wood fanatics,  she was a mess under there ) . We adore living in this space, even with a dirty pawed dog. The floors are in Resene white in Enamacryll gloss, which wipes up in no time. And the walls in my favourite Resene Black White. White on white really gives the most amazing canvas to display all your treasures on. 

Now for that lamp. After searching high and low and finding others too modern, too vintage, too small or big, I found her. Rubi, the standing lamp by leitmotiv from Let Liv. The perfect clean lines with a nod to mid century. Perfection. Tying in nicely with our absolute find of the year, the 5th Avenue couch in leather from Big Save

Yep, we are pretty chuffed with how she turned out, and we must’ve done something right cause we made the cover

You can read more about our lounge by grabbing a copy of the latest Homestyle Magazine

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Natural Dyeing workshop for Kinfolk Gathering Tauranga

bubblerock_Kinfolk_beneaththesurface_tauranga0145 bubblerock_Kinfolk_beneaththesurface_tauranga0151 _MG_9897 bubblerock_Kinfolk_beneaththesurface_tauranga0150 bubblerock_Kinfolk_beneaththesurface_tauranga0165 bubblerock_Kinfolk_beneaththesurface_tauranga0147 bubblerock_Kinfolk_beneaththesurface_tauranga0157

 A long lunch between the walls of ficus and beside wood fires, the outrageously pretty Ataahua was the perfect spot for the ‘Under the Surface’ Kinfolk Gathering. The talented Shaye from On My Hand is most definitely the hostess with the mostess. She has styling and executing  down to the last detail. Root vegetable centrepiece,  plantable menus and amazing raw honey from fellow Kinfolk host ( & equally talented babe ) Unna of The Forest Cantina. I teamed up with my go to gals The Fabric Store and hand dyed furoshiki as well as gifting instructions and linen for their very own project.

Fancy NZ Design Blog_Kinfolk Tauranga Gathering_Bubblerock016

Photo no.3 by Blackbird, All others by Bubblerock

Delicious meals by Nadine from Devour Catering, Made even more beautiful by food stylist Aimee from Hope & Organic and hitting that sweet spot with Danielle from Spongedrop. And all captured by dynamic duo Bubblerock. By golly it was good.

If you would like to see more images than mostly my BRF mug head over to HERE to Fancy! Design blog.

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MAKE IT / concrete candles

I have to admit. I love my job, Seriously I do. I work with the best people, some of my nearest and dearest friends. And this issue of Homestyle is no different. It is packed with great people, amazing homes, and another little something from yours truly! It is also an issue dedicated to the women who brought us into the world. So in keeping, I raided my mothers collection of goodies, the beautiful wood tea trolley, brass jug and feathers, all from her curation. And she was even there hands on helping me, foraging for the Eucalyptus, mixing up the concrete…I tell you what, being pregnant is the only time I will ever get away with letting my mama carry everything! So thanks Coco Darling!…In that respect, three generations made these concrete candles. 

So here are some out takes. My mood board influenced by the ever talented Stephanie Somebody, and Ariele Alasko. The way I prepare, good old story boards, A snap of the goodies I used to style and the final product. My little behind the scenes if you will.

And finally, the how-to!


ONE Start by rinsing out your containers. I used Pringles canisters, but you could use cardboard milk cartons, or anything else you can cut the top off to pour the concrete in, and tear away once it’s dry.

TWO Make up your concrete, following the instructions on the pack. Make sure it is thoroughly combined and the right consistency. NOTE: The more water you use the smoother the finish. 

THREE Using a funnel, pour in your concrete up to the height you want. Then tap the base on the ground to settle the mixture and get rid of any air bubbles. Top up if you need to. Push and jiggle the candle into place, making sure it’s straight and stable. Let the candles dry overnight.

FOUR Remove from the mould by tearing away the cardboard container – there may be a bit of concrete dust when doing this, so it’s best to do it outside. Finally, I washed mine in cold water and used a hard bristle brush to clean away any residual dust. And you’re done – go grab a lighter!

And to see the whole feature go buy yourself a copy, and maybe one for your mum.


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Blackbird for HOMESTYLE magazine

Finally I get to share some of my exciting news!
I am now a contributor for Homestyle Magazine! I get my own regular little Blackbird corner, And the first one hits your new stands this weekend!

In this issue we revel in the glory of summer! With staycation dream homes, including our dear friend Claire & Alex from Wildwood. Wes Anderson inspired camping and some delish Caribbean recipes. And a little Outdoor Cinema action from yours truly!

Be on the look out for your own downloadable invites and popcorn cards!!

Until next time.

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