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HIM&HER // five

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Five years on, He is still the best person I know. I am beyond glad to have this guy by my side.  He is the greatest.

We took a little adventure around the roads of Central Hawkes Bay and the Manawatu region. Stopping by every  Op Shop, Curios and Second Hand dealer we could find. The sun shone and the ginger ale flowed. It was our kind of holiday. Maybe more so if I could’ve swapped some ginger ale for Naths cider, but I am not complaining…much.

In other news, the final countdown in commencing, with but THREE WEEKS until we hope to meet our Coco Darling . So it is battle stations here. Just casually setting up her little corner, washing clothes, making freezer meals and generally nesting up a very big storm.

More on that next time.

Until then.


Coco Darling // 33weeks

coco28x6Coco Darling is 33weeks and seriously, this girl is a fighter.

It has been a hard few months. She has been gaining less and less weight, had trouble with her umbilical cord and generally not doing the greatest. The prognosis being she would most likely pass away in utero and we wouldn’t get to meet her. And now she surprised us all by gaining a bunch of weight, and growing really well. She is a tough cooke. And while this doesn’t mean we are out of any sort of proverbial woods, it is a glance at hope. Hope that at least we will be able to meet our girl.

We have wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your incredible response of love and support. From people far and near, from those who know us personally, and those who don’t. It really has blown us away. But we still need you.

Although we may seem strong and brave as many of you have written, we have our days. Days where we don’t want to face the world, days were I feel ripped off, that I have to go through all this, the stretch marks and bad sleeps and I don’t get a healthy daughter at the end. Ripped off that I don’t get to plan a nursery, have a baby shower or have any sort of the normality of a traditional pregnancy. Days where I feel sorry for myself, where I am so angry that we have to walk this, and days where all I can do is cry.

Then I tell myself, it will be okay. We still have Coco Darling right now. I get to feel her kick and move, she is with us, she hears us and I can face the day. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t break our heart and that we still don’t feel ripped off, but we can enjoy her.

Through the various messages and emails the resounding theme is that it is so hard to know what to do and what not to. So I thought I would share with you.

We love getting your emails, we love getting your texts. We are not much for phone calls and visits, but we want to hear from you none the less. Yes, buy gifts for Coco, talk about her, write her notes that we can read to her. We want to celebrate her as much as we can while she is with us. I am still pregnant, We are still parents and she is still our daughter.

Thank you to all those who already have, it means the world that you love our Coco too.

I never thought you could be so proud of someone you have never met. But we are so proud of our Coco Darling, Hang in there kid.

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