RENTAL RENO // Bedroom

When we moved into this place, The bedroom quickly became my favourite place.
It has the best light, and some of my favourite objects. That ladder, My fav philodendron, Good Luck mirror from the husband and my DIY cashmere cushions ( yes, cashmere. yum. )

Once again it didnt take much to make over this room. A swap out to simple calico curtains, change of a light shade and the exiting of the horrendous wardrobe door.

Then a case of the spots ( See my DIY here )  throw up a few vintage mirrors here and there ( I do have them in abundance ) They bounce the light in and just look so darn good! And last but not least, colour code the exposed wardrobe! I am aware that we only dress in Black, Grey, Denim and white, so this task was relatively easy for us.

So there you have it. The bedroom!

Until next time.

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4 thoughts on “RENTAL RENO // Bedroom

  1. Eeeee! Your room is so sweet and lovely! I love how minimal and ‘clean’ it looks. I’m such a fan of the monochrome. Plus, who can’t love those dots???

    Sorry for seeming like a stalker haha I’m just catching up on all my favs and what can I say?? Your posts are so great :P

  2. Beautiful! And may i ask where did you got your lovely draping plant from? I’ve been looking for something similar everywhere!

  3. Hey Rachael! I got it from years ago a plant shop somehwere in Auckland ( The name escapes me, I spend A LOT of time in Plant shops ) Maybe Kings in St Lukes? Either way it is a Philodendron if that helps!

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