The final and full reveal.

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Its almost bitter sweet writing this post, but it’s pretty fun to see all the before photos to see how far we came!

As a few of you may know, the old ( ish ) girl was bought down from the mighty Waikato in the summer of 2014, in various types of disrepair, and in two pieces. We then began to fix her from the bottom up! Above are a few snaps of what she looked like before, not so pretty.

But here is what she looks like today!


The exterior was painted in Resene Foundry, and landings in Resene Woodsman Cedar Stain 

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The Master bedroom was painted in Resene Black White

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The bathroom was painted in Resene Black White, with Resene Smoky Green on the floors


The Laundry was painted in Resene Atomic, with Resene Smoky Green on the floors

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The Hallway was painted in Resene Double Alabaster, while the Spare Room and Office  was painted in Resene Black White, with Office floor in Resene White Gloss .

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The lounge and Dining where painted in Resene Black White, with Office floor in Resene White Gloss .

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The kitchen  was painted in Resene Double Alabaster.


The fire pit fence was painted in Resene Blue Bark with Resene Woodsman Cedar Stain  on the built in seating.

And as many of you know we have now sold, and moved into a new project ( at the same time as another pretty big project ) But before leaving we were lucky enough to have our main gal Heather Liddell fully document our first home and renovation for the latest issue of Homestyle magazine. I then got all nostalgic ( read pregnancy hormonal ) and wanted to share a few of our favourite snaps.

Although you may have seen snippets of the progress in Homestyle over the last year, if you are after more information on what we did, how we did it, and more detail on the Resene paint colours we chose ( beware, there is A LOT of black white ) you can check out my  previous posts. And if you want to read the full story pick up a copy of Homestyle, or head over here!

Here’s to ( all ) the new adventures!

12 thoughts on “The final and full reveal.

    1. Hi Lina!

      Thanks! The walls were in Resene Atomic, and Floors in Resene Smokey Green.

  1. Saw this in a copy of homestyle mag and I love the way you’ve worked in with the style and structure of your house, but the bathroom especially piques my interest as it’s identical layout to ours.

    Do you have a seperate toilet though? Couldn’t see how it fits in. Those tiles with dark grout are just perfect. And all for under $300 – You guys have skills!

    Following you on IG and excited to watch as you transform your new home, and juggle a new baby, which is what we did (and are still doing cause let’s be honest, DIY renos take forever ?? ). Bravo!

    1. Thanks Larissa!

      It did have a seperate toilet, in between the bathroom and Laundry!

  2. Hello, there! Just found your blog by way of Remodelista. Pretty safe to say that I will be lingering around for awhile. I just love your style!!! Simple but so tasteful. Your outdoor area stopped me in my tracks. Love that fence!! I was wondering if it is metal or wood? So gorgeous. Kudos to you!

  3. Hi Gemma, wow stunning transformation! I have chosen black white with alabaster trim purely from colour swatches so was happy to find real life pictures of the contrast in action. Question: did you choose Double Alabaster for the hallway to lighten it up? We have a dark hallway. Also interested: what timber is under the cedar stain is it just Pine?

    Thanks for your time and Kudos again

  4. Just stumbled across your gorgeous blog. Would love to know where you got your bathroom vanity cabinet from? Love the restful look you’ve created.

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