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Our new house is finally beginning to feel like our home.  And although I still have lofty dreams of actual renovation, actually owning our own home and of making a nest for ourselves we all know Auckland is a bit of a dick when it comes to house prices.  So I accept defeat, for now.  But not absolute defeat. I still refuse to live with ugliness.  Anywhere can go from butt ugly to half decent with a little elbow grease, some smart thinking and a bit of cash.  So here is what we did with our kitchen.

Firstly, Painted the wall, Now, we had to ask the landlord, and he was fine, so away I went.  I found that this grounded the kitchen a little more. I used paint we already had, so ‘freebie’. But often you can get test pots cheap, or cheap paint at renovation dealerships and Habitat for Humanity stores.

Secondly, We changed the handles. The drawer handles from a second hand shop for 50c a pop. And we made our own handles for the others, You can see the DIY HERE.

Next, we covered the bench top with a vinyl. You can get it at your local bunnings, for $20 a roll, or I found it HERE for $3 a roll. So a little cheaper. It took 5 rolls to cover everything completely. It is basically like covering your books with duraseal, but its your benches….with this stuff.

Finally, The husband made me a shelf. with a couple of braces ( $3 each ) and we were lazy and bought a pre cut piece of wood ( $15 )

So under $50 for the change, that is not breaking the bank. And now I don’t want to throw up when I see the kitchen….Although I am still on the hunt for a fantastic lamp shade, I will let you know when I find it.

Until next time.
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22 thoughts on “RENTAL RENO // Before & After :: KITCHEN

  1. I really like this!! We own our own home but the kitchen is made out of a huge wood slab (very Titirangi style) but doesn’t really suit our taste at all and we have no money to rip it out and start fresh…. do you offer design consultations for a budget DIY makeover that would freshen up our kitchen? Erin :-)

  2. It looks amazing! I didn’t realize you could cover kitchen benches with vinyl like that – genius!
    And I love your little plants in coffee cups….such cute ideas you have, Gem ;)

  3. I saw your kitchen on Apartment Therapy today and I was intrigued! I am about to move, so I am excited to give a new place a few of my own touches. Your kitchen looks great! I love the idea of a shelf full of plants. Where did you get that clock??

    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks so much! I actually got the clock from a thrift store, and doesnt seem to have a brand name? It was a pretty good find! Good luck with your move and redecorate! x

  4. How was the process of covering your kitchen counters? I’d love to do this to mine but am anxious about the process.

  5. Hi! It takes a little time and patience, but for us. Worth it. Our counters where a crazy blue ( they look okay in the photos, they were not okay! ) As long as you clean the surface well underneath. THey have held up so well!

  6. This looks fantastic!!! I have been following Apartment Therapy for years and it is so awesome to see something on from a fellow Kiwi! You guys did a wonderful job and everything looks professional, sleek yet warm and inviting at the same time. Well done :-)

  7. Wow! I love your style! Totally! And sooo love it’s all very doable on a really affordable budget..thinking smart AND creative! This is the first time I’ve seen your blog..saw the gorgeous Concrete Candle Holders in a magazine at the how to do it, wrote down your blog name et voila! here I am! lol…I’m so happy to have found your blog and shall visit regularly! Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents!!

  8. Man I am slow to find your blog. You are so clever. I am so sorry for your loss. Xx

  9. Love the shelf with plants on it Erin! I’m in the middle of a home reno project myself. Next on the cards is painting :s can anyone recommend a good company on here? I’ve had mixed experiences in the passed. We live in Auckland. Thanks!

  10. Hi, I’m thinking of covering our formica blue benches with vinyl as a temporary solution. Just wondering did you end up with a lot of joins? Did it peel or lift at the edges over time? Thanks

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