Talented Friends

As I have mentioned before, I have some preeeeetty talented friends. Yes, yes I did just brag about my friends. But c’mon, when they are this cool, how can you not.

Meet my friend Sammy-Rose Scarpens.  One outrageously funny and incredibly talented girl. Who also happens to be one of the best movers and shakers I know. She, along with Simon Oosterdijk have created a book of upmost beauty. A book that delves deep into the history and magic behind letters. It is pure brilliance.

So tonight they through a shing-dig in celebration.  So Auckland, if you are around, come see it, hear it and love it in all its deliciousness.  7pm at the Ironbank, 150 Karangahape Road.

 And if not, head to Flotsam and Jetsam and pick up a copy. Christmas is coming. Get on it.

For a more in depth interview with S.R Scarpens herself head over to Always Sometimes Anytime

Until next time.

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