Backyard Fire Pit for Homestyle

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Squabs and Throw Cushions made by me, Fabric from The Fabric Store | Festoon Lights available from Flux Boutique | Paint is Blue Bark by Resene | Palm leaf and leather cabin luggage and Acacia round chopping board both from Paper Plane | Leather Moroccan pouf from Let Liv | Lime and Coconut soy candle from J.Danes MAKER | Palm available from Paradise Palms, Hawkes Bay | Plywood Crate from The Ply Guy | Enamel Mugs from Father Rabbit

It is warming up by the day here in the Hawkes Bay, so having a little spot to sit outdoors is  a must have. And although there are plans for a deck, they are on the horizon still. So in the meantime we focused on the awkward little corner in the back, creating a little spot to sit in the morning warmth and somewhere to toast marshmallows over once the sun goes down. With a few simple ideas and a bit of muscle we made one of our favourite ‘rooms’ in the house.

For the ‘how-to’s’ grab a copy of the latest Homestyle Magazine.

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28 thoughts on “Backyard Fire Pit for Homestyle

    1. Hi Evelyn, Its not actually a black but a petrol blue! Its called Blue Bark by Resene!

  1. Hi there Gem! I pinned the fifth photo a couple years ago, and since then it pops up constantly on my Pinterest feed. I finally had to really search google (by image) to find who created this dreamy little hideaway! I don’t know how often it is cited, but you must be so proud of your viral backyard! I have a small deck off the back of my house, but since our yard slopes down from front to back, the deck feels very exposed and un-cozy. I’m taking some inspiration from this cozy set-up for sure (minus the leather outdoors)! Thanks again for a great post, you’ve done a killer job!

  2. Wow!!!! Just wow, I have a weird awesome industrial nature cottage style going on and was at a loss for ideas for our small yard, but this, the combination and balance, contemporary yet weathered, so inviting, kudos!

  3. Beautiful!
    We are looking to do a corrugated fence as well. Is the metal also painted in the blue bark paint?

  4. hey there, what a beautiful backyard! i am so inspired, and love the idea of the corrugated roof panel fence. can you give us some details on how you built it? unfortunately I cannot find any info on it from homestyle. thank you!!!

    1. Hi Brooke, It’s a little hard to explain in a comment, but basically we made the wood frame and slotted in horizontal sheets, maybe I will do a post on it in the future, but I am sure if you showed the picture to someone handy they could help you out!

  5. I absolutely love the corrugated metal fence!!! Did you have to prep it in anyway before you painted it?

  6. I also have a question regarding the corrugated metal fence. When you say you “slotted in” and put the panels in, do you mean that you cut a channel in the fence posts that the metal panels then fit in to? It is fabulous looking! Thanks so much…

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