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The vacation for me starts with the perfectly packed bag. I’m serious, this is the things that make me giddy. I make lists of what I want to pack at least two weeks before we leave. And that is me restraining myself. My husband, of course, is the oposite. Regardless, taking a leaf out of the great Alice Lines for Undone Mag , here are a few of my travelling essentials.

Kimono: I made this out of a curtain we had in our shop, and it goes everywhere with me. My all time fav, Skilfully transitioning from a beach cover up to a light coat to wear to dinner. What a clever Kimono.

Leather Slides : The perfect sandal has always eluded me. I am not a jandal girl, I do not do strappy sandals, but sliders? , they are the best of both worlds, easy to chuck on and the ideal mix od dressy and casual. Brilliant. Thanks Topshop.

Moleskin : Travelling brings out the romantic in me, so I am never without a moleskin and pen. Whether it be to write, to draw, or maybe just to make more lists.

Anytime’s : Although they have been around forever, these are the new kid on the block in our house. I love there heavy thick frame and the tortoise shell is my ‘splash of colour’

Canon mark ii : My old faithful, I love this guy and his 50mm lens. Travelling perfection, un-intrusive and delicious.

#Girlboss : A woman after my own heart, some light reading for layovers.

Meadowlark Stackers: These hold sentimental value, each gifted by very important person to me. But they are also just pretty darn cute. A must have for a pared done vacation look.

Aesop hand cream: Not only am I a sucker for the packing, but this stuff smells divine. Plus, there is nothing like a little hand cream to make a girl feel special.

Other than that, I have formed a nice little capsule wardrobe. That is untill I get an entire wardrobe made in Hoi An. Oh golly.

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The Anima Pant & my rekindled love.




I have been a bit quiet here as so late, for obvious reasons I have been taking some time out….ish. Trying to get my head around not having our Coco Darling with us, and slowly trying to recover from birth and so on, it is a bloody long road I will tell you that.

In the process I have gone back to the sewing machine. Sewing and I have always had a rocky relationship. I love the outcomes of sewing, but putting time into the relationship, I had no patience for that. We went on a few dates, things could have got serious, but I didn’t want to put in the effort and we lost touch.

But it seems sewing was that  ex boyfriend that hunts you down on Facebook to catch up, only this time I said yes.

So here we are again, we had a awkward start, but we seem to be falling in love again, and I like it.  I was always the one who just went at it like a bull at a gate, no thought, no patience, just make it happen, and it wasn’t pretty, remnants of half finished garments sat  in a ‘ try again one day’ box. But now, it’s a little different. Maybe it is because I am older and wiser, or maybe it’s because I met Papercut Patterns. Either way, there is rekindled love. Starting with the Anima Pant. I am making mine out of some stretch satin from The Fabric Store, I have decided to use the backside as the front side so it’s nice and dull, topped off with merino cuffs. Comfy and stylish. Dream.Come.True.

I will live in these. When I get back from the outrageously hot Thailand and Vietnam that is. Yep, three weeks of vacation coming our way. More on that next time.

So get out the sewing machine and rekindle that love. And while you are at it you can enter to WIN the full catalogue of Papercut Patterns and a bunch of beautiful fabric from The Fabric store by entering the Amina Pant competition.


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LEAN CLOSET // Elizabeth Suzann

IMG_9467 (1)

Meet Elizabeth Suzann.

This girl has it all. Simple yet beautiful design.  Mindful execution and method.  Use of natural fabrics made to last longer and wear better.  A self taught designer who designs, patterns and makes almost every garment she sells.  Seriously, she is pure brilliance.

I want it all.  I mean C’mon!  Black and neutrals in silks and linens!  Sheesh.  And as I am embarking on a new journey of Lean Closet, Lean Home, Elizabeth Suzann is a brilliant place to start.  Pluuuus, I am pretty sure I could fit me & my ever growing belly in as well.  It looks like I better start saving my pennies.

Go have a gander, she ships internationally too.  Sigh.

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