LEAN CLOSET // Elizabeth Suzann

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Meet Elizabeth Suzann.

This girl has it all. Simple yet beautiful design.  Mindful execution and method.  Use of natural fabrics made to last longer and wear better.  A self taught designer who designs, patterns and makes almost every garment she sells.  Seriously, she is pure brilliance.

I want it all.  I mean C’mon!  Black and neutrals in silks and linens!  Sheesh.  And as I am embarking on a new journey of Lean Closet, Lean Home, Elizabeth Suzann is a brilliant place to start.  Pluuuus, I am pretty sure I could fit me & my ever growing belly in as well.  It looks like I better start saving my pennies.

Go have a gander, she ships internationally too.  Sigh.

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  1. I’m loving the lean closet idea… Although hard when you want everything from this beautiful collection!

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