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LEAN CLOSET // Elizabeth Suzann

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Meet Elizabeth Suzann.

This girl has it all. Simple yet beautiful design.  Mindful execution and method.  Use of natural fabrics made to last longer and wear better.  A self taught designer who designs, patterns and makes almost every garment she sells.  Seriously, she is pure brilliance.

I want it all.  I mean C’mon!  Black and neutrals in silks and linens!  Sheesh.  And as I am embarking on a new journey of Lean Closet, Lean Home, Elizabeth Suzann is a brilliant place to start.  Pluuuus, I am pretty sure I could fit me & my ever growing belly in as well.  It looks like I better start saving my pennies.

Go have a gander, she ships internationally too.  Sigh.

Until next time

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A few months back I stumbled upon what has fast become one of my favourite blogs.

  Wide Eyed Legless.

At the time Madelynn was taking part of Cuyana’s Lean Closet Movement. A movement dedicated to smaller and higher quality wardrobes. To culling the noise which areo the extra items, the items you never wear but never get rid of. A movement that frees you from the hour long episode of standing in front of  the wardrobe staring aimlessly, resulting in wearing the same outfit you always do and complaining to your significant other that ” I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! ”

Needless to say this resonated with me on many levels.
I had that overflowing wardrobe filled with items that I hated, the poor quality, the rush buys and I was finally done with it. So four hours, two trash bags and a trip to the Sallies later I was back staring at my wardrobe. I still had nothing to wear. And so began the challenge. To fill my wardrobe with well made, classic and timeless pieces, from quality fabrics that resonate with my personal style and not the trends of the current season.
And then it crossed my mind, Why just my wardrobe? Why not my home too?
So here we are. It won’t be a quick or easy journey, but the result will be worth it.
My journey to a lean closet and a lean home.

Until next time

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DISCLAIMER :: In no way does this mean I will be throwing away my Harley shirts. They are a quality all of there own.