ROUND UP | March


I dont know where March went, but we are at the end of it.

Here is how my March went.


ONE  | Corners of our bedroom

TWO | Textures of my favourite tones

THREE  | Records are finally unpacked, Diana Ross you mega babe and one of my favourite covers

FOUR  | Making things for next issue of Homestyle

FIVE | Lines visits the bay

SIX | The best afternoon light and my Monstera

SEVEN | Sending out Blackbird goods

EIGHT | My girls & and afternoon of Rosè

NINE | Misty morning walks

TENDip & tie DIY

ELEVEN | The long slog of the lounge renovations

TWELVE | Drinks at Monica Loves


Until next time


CORNERS // goodbye home

IMG_4458 IMG_4462 IMG_4469 IMG_4478 IMG_4491 IMG_4497 IMG_4500 IMG_4505

I don’t think I ever get that used to moving. Although now I am somewhat of a professional.

The Husband and I have moved five times over the last four years. We are yet to stay in a home for a year. And here we are, a mere five months after moving into our current abode we are packing again. But this time for a bigger move. Into our own home, and down to the Hawkes bay. We say it will be for a while, but we have said that every move. Suckers for punishment, or adventures in opportunity. Either way, here we go again.

So as I do every time I leave, I document, I take not of the little things that I love and the things I will miss. See more of our home HERE

Until next time

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SPRING CLEAN // Natural Favourites

I am not going to lie, I kinda love cleaning. I’m serious. There is something utterly satisfying about it all. When you stand back and it’s all shinny and such. Damn it feels good.

I spent the last week cleaning our new home head to toe. Yes, week. It is never till I reflect that I realise how I am maybe a little OCD when it comes to cleaning. But hey, I guess it isn’t the worst habit to have.

I always have the best intentions of making my own cleaning products, but never seem to find the time. New years resolution at mid year. There are so many great natural cleaning products available now, which is right up my alley. If I am spending hours cleaning, I don’t want to be breathing all the crap that is put in most products.

So here are a few of my favourite natural cleaning items.

ECO STORE CREAM CLEANSER //  How can something that cleans so well, Smells so good and is free of all the nasties not be my favourite.

CLOVE OIL // I am never without it. This magical oil does wonders. Pop a couple of drops in hot water, and use to wipe down walls, ceilings and so on. Cleans, Smells amazing and helps keep that pesky mould at bay.

MIELE S5211 // Okay not really natural, But bloody amazing. Changed my life. Truly. The suction on this puppy is like no other. I would never go back. Ever.

TOOTHBRUSH // The essential tool. Recycled more than natural. Corners, Cracks, all those places that grime up and you can’t get to, this guy will. Thank goodness for toothbrushes.

Happy spring cleaning.

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Moving House

We are moving house.

To put what this means into some sort of context. The husband and I, Well this is the longest we have stayed anywhere since 2007. And when we move, We would have been here just under a year. But this time it is not by our own wanderlust. The owners are selling.

So in the days before we go I am focusing on what I love about our little concrete corner. But also the things I will not miss, making it easier for me to part ways.

1  //  I will miss the open sky above us.

2  //  I will not, however, miss the crazy steps that lead to our house.

3  //  I will miss the sunshine in the trees and the birds that visit them.

4  //  I will not miss the dark corners. Even though they are sometimes quite beautiful.

5  //  I will miss the odd but wonderful built in storage that displayed our things.

6  //  I will miss the height of our ceilings that allowed me to giant plants.

7  //  I will not, ever, miss cooking only with a two top element and a convection oven.

So begins the hunt. It is bittersweet. This place is our home now, The first time we have really felt we have had a home. But I do love fresh starts, new spaces and a bit of re-decorating of course.

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