Summertime is here, the New years creeping up fast, And Homestyle and I have the perfect New years eve party for you!

We bring you the backyard movie night!

You will need ::

1 Great backyard
1 large sheet
1 Clothesline
1 projector
Cute invite, You can download HERE
A few palettes
Mountains of blankets and cushions
One brilliant movie
Some great people to share it with!

With you large sheet and clothesline, you have set up your make-shift screen! So just line up the projector, connect it to the computer, and away you go ( I needed my handy computer wizz, but I am sure you are all capable! You can also always depend on Google ) Pop a couple of palettes around the place with cushions and blankets. Snuggle time galore!

And finally, Treats. Ice cream Floats.  A bit of trip down memory lane, these are super simple and pretty darn yummy!

You will need ::

Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawberries or summer fruits
Pink Grapefruit Juice
Jars – Mine were from Countdown
Cute Straws – From Collected

First pop in your Ice Cream, then slice in some fruit, pour 1/2 with Pink Grapefruit and then fill up with Lemonade. Cute straw to finish and Bam! Done, So easy!!!

Enjoy your summer!  ( Or winter for our Northern Hemisphere friends! )
Keep safe and see you in the New Year!

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Until then!

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