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I think one of my first ever plants was a tiny cactus my mum bought me, probably a lesson in looking after something, and I probably killed it.  But a few years back I rediscovered my love for indoor plants, and learnt swiftly that they aren’t as easy to look after as that little cactus ( and even that I managed to wipe out )

So here is a crash course using my green thumb knowledge aka having to learn as the husband refused to buy more plants that I would eventually end up having to dispose of.


The Cactus | This particular little guy is part of the Opuntia family, or paddle cactus. He likes the light, but not harsh sun, Cacti can burn. And water, once a month is fine. Make sure you use Cacti soil, which is well draining, usually a pumice mix.


The Rubber Tree |  The Rubber tree is part of the Ficus family. With is broad glossy leaves is a real beaut. Keep near a window for bright, filtered light. Away from a draughty door, and make sure you let it dry out a little between waters.  I also tend to use a damp cloth to wipe any dust off the leaves every few months.


The Split Leaf Philodendron | I love the Philodendron family, they are one of my favs. This Monsteria Deliciosa is super easy care and looks stunning! They need medium to bright light, but not direct sun. Keep the soil a little damp, but not soggy.


The Heart Leaf Philodendron | Another Philodendron, and this was the first plant I bought back in 2010! She has made the eight house moves with us over the last 5 years, and still going strong. They are hardy and can tolerate low light, but prefer moderate to bright, but never direct sun.  Keep the soil damp, but in winter allow to dry out between watering. Every six months I like to chuck mine in the shower and hose her off.


The Hoya | Otherwise known as a wax plant. I remember my grandmother having these growing up, they have the most beautiful cluster of pink flowers. They like it by a north facing window with filtered light, and they love a little mist! Keep the soil damp, and allow to dry out a little between waters in winter. I have mine in the bathroom and it is loving it there!


The Peace Lily | The most common issue for these guys is over watering. They vary in how much water they need so the best way to tell is touch the soil once a week and only water if it’s dry. They tolerate under-watering more than over-watering.  They prefer low to medium light. As they have beautiful broad leaves, they can do with a wipe every now and then to get rid of the dust.


The Succulent | This Burros tail or Sedum morganianum. They like bright light and occasional watering. Pretty low care and easy to propagate. But be careful when you move them as they are fragile!


There you go, a little lesson 101 on Indoor plant care! All my plants are from local gardening stores, so go have a look! If they don’t have them, a lot of the time they can order in for you!

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Until next time, Happy gardening!


1 0 1 // Bookshelf Styling


( above photo is my bookshelf after an overhall! )

Personally I think that every part of a home should be styled. It creates a flow through the house and lets your eyes have a happy little stop over in each place. Starting with the humble bookshelf.


COLOUR CODING // Often a bookshelf looks messy because of all the different coloured jackets. But by grouping them together it looks cohesive and you still get the lovely look of the spines.

STACKING // Try stacking different ways, in a pile, horizontal or even with the ends facing forward.

PROPS // No bookshelf is complete without a few bits & bobs. We all have them around our home, and often it’s hard to find a place for them. The bookshelf is the perfect spot. Old cameras, photos, nic-nacs and vases, anything works.

HATE IT? PAINT IT // Often we are given things, or buy things and our taste changes, but you still love the sentiment of the item. Painting it gives it a new lease of life, so you can put it back on display!

SPACE // Allow space for the items to ‘breathe’, There is no need to push them all together, creating space gives a more ordered and purposeful look.

STORAGE // Remember that not everything needs to be on display, using storage such as wooden or wire crates, decorative boxes and baskets can ‘hide’ things with making them still easily accessible. Then pop them on the shelf and it looks great!

REMEMBER // Inject your own personality into your bookcase, it is a fun place to showcase!

Until next time.

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