Farewell 2014

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2014, what a year you have been.

Blackbird became my job, we moved house and literally moved a house, moved cities,  began renovations on our first home, had our Coco Darling, Lost our Coco Darling, Gained 15kgs, Lost 22kgs ( and counting ) Celebrated 5 years of marriage, went to Vietnam,  Opened a pop up shop and got ourselves our puppy Frankie Blossom.

It has been a hell of a year, we have been so heart broken, so defeated, but we have been so happy, so thankful and have become far better for it. In saying that, I am happy to see the back end of you 2014. 2015, you better be a great year.

 I want to thank all you beautiful, wonderful and dedicated readers, I never thought anyone would want to read about my life, our Coco, home renovations or my DIY’s. But you did! And you do! So thank you, I cant wait to share what is happening in 2015.

Wishing you and your families an incredible, simple, beautiful and refreshing holiday season.  See you in the new year!!

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3 thoughts on “Farewell 2014

  1. What a year. I’ve really enjoyed watching your new career blossom; you go girl. And to both of you, I really hope 2015 brings wonderful new adventures. Heleen x

  2. What a beautiful woman! I love reading your blog. You are such a talented, innovative, and strong lady. You have inspired me and I truly hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you especially after the trials you have had.
    – The Good Woman.

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