MADE // Linen Apron


Firstly, this is more of a show and tell than a DIY, there was a lot of ad-libbing that could get very confusing. But hopefully it inspires you to make your own!

I am a compulsive maker and forever bobbing around letting the craft tides move me to my new venture. The latest wave to hit is pottery. After attending my first class and being made to wear a plastic bib I was all like ” Oh hell no..” and quickly realised I was in need of a hard-wearing ( and cute ) apron. I had been drooling over the likes of these and these for far too long, it was time for action. Enter my pal’s over at The Fabric Store and some delicious oatmeal linen.

I used an apron that I already had to trace the pattern off, but if you don’t have one you can follow this simple pattern here ( that one is even adjustable! Faaaancy )

The prerequisites were a large pocket with a few compartments, tie in the front and a cute little knotty part. And because I am terrified of buttonholes, I decided to simply sew one end of the neck tie of the front and knot to cover it. Sneaky huh.

I do hope you are inspired to make your own! Or could just go and buy this beauty seeing as I haven’t been terribly helpful with the DIY.

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