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 A year ago Homestyle featured our little house in Hillsborough. At the time we were renting a little open plan garage, I was dreaming of being a stylist and just beginning the blog. A year on, I am a regular contributor with Homestyle, we are renovating our first home and I am working as a stylist. Pretty happy about that!

So to celebrate the year and my new renovation segment in the magazine I have a giveaway for you!

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GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, check out our Facebook for the winner

This bangin’ Jamie Kay cushion was featured in our master bedroom peek in the latest Homestyle!

Feather and down inner, tweedy lambswool, what more could you want! Annnnd, she has opened it WORLDWIDE. What a champ!

So here is what you have to do!

1 : Visit the Jamie Kay website

2: Have a gander and pick you favourite item

3: Tell me about it! Comment on this post!

You can score extra entries by commenting on Instagram and Facebook too!

Giveaway ends Wednesday the 2nd October !

Good Luck!


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40 thoughts on “One year on // GIVEAWAY CLOSED

  1. I have been trying really hard to curb my lust and NEEED for her Lead Grey Stonewashed Soft Pure Linen Duvet. This isn’t helping! hehe! Love it all though and the cushion is yum!

  2. Oh your old place is so lovely! Hard to believe it’s a rental :) I am currently renting and struggle to come up with ways to add personality to our place without going against the landlord rules, but these are totally inspiring! I love the polka dot wall and your mirror/plant corner.

    Can I just say I love all of Jamie Kay’s stuff?? Wow. His blankets are so rad.

    1. have a look at the book “Home For Now” (featured on page 20 of the latest homestyle mag.)
      .has given me loads of ideas for our very 70’s…and not always in a good way…rental!

  3. Cross Blanket is the thing I’m most in love with – choosing the colour is the hardest part! As much as I love the yellow – I don’t think if I bought it i’d find anywhere in the house that it would look right – think i’ll have to stick with the grey.
    I’m slowly getting my rental up and looking nice – still nowhere near as nice as yours!

  4. The stonewashed soft pure linen sheets in lead grey are my favorite! Love them!

  5. I love Jamie Kays stuff. :) I especially love the black and white cross blanket. Some think black is a bit of a downer or too bleak but I think if you pair it with other colous it can be amazing. For me this black and white cross blanket would be amazing.

    I love the lounge area up above with the blue floor and sofa. A beautiful colour and very pleasing to the eye in it’s layout. Lovely.

  6. the give away cushion!!!!the turquoise velvet round cushion!! the cross blankets,all of them..but especially the grey one…any and all of the linen duvets…aaaargh!impossible to pick a favourite….

  7. I’m in love with the cross blankets… have been eyeing them up for ages!! Super hard to pick a favourite colour but I think Lemon Zest would be my pick..

  8. Ahh this is hard! I have been eyeing up the Jamie Kay website & following their page for some time now! My fav is def the Cross Blanket in Periscope Grey; i’m going for a deep grey & chartreuse mix in my house and this would be an aaaamazing addition!

    I LOVE the chalkboard splashback you’ve done! I just bought 2 A3 frames from the warehouse, popped out the glass & painted the backboards with chalkboard paint – great for the shopping lists or cute ‘thinking of you’ messages before i leave for work! hehe

  9. I really love the grey cross blanket! Would look totally styly on my bed and functional! Love!!

  10. I’ve been in love with Jamie Kay’s blankets for quite some time and now with baby on the way (due in March) I started saving for the light grey cross cot blanket! It would be so perfect for a neutral (but super stylish) nursery as we don’t know baby’s gender yet. Although I really love the lemon zest color too.. Oh decisions decisions ;) I’m just a huge fan of all of her products!

  11. Spotted this cushion in the latest Homestyle, it looks great, love the texture it adds. Live to have one ;)

  12. Oh I love all of Jamie Kay. Fav this week is any of the cross blankets. I need one for our spare room, it’s oh so dull at the moment.

  13. This exact pillow!!! I truely wanted to by it the other to the online checkout and……payment not accepted. Turns out was not as rich as I wished. Would honestly be humbly greatful to win!

  14. I love and want the black,grey or yellow cross blanket – ohh or the grey triangle blankets

  15. i love so many things on the Jamie Kay website :P i especially lust after the Stonewashed Soft Pure Linen in Stone Grey :)

  16. “reno the rental”, I’ve been trying so hard to spruce up our rented home and the ideas in this post are so achievable. One of the first things I might have to do is splurge on the Lemon coloured cross blanket, LOVE it.

  17. Wow, so many gorgeous things! I’d have to say my fav would be the linen sheets in off white as I’ve wanted some forever :-)

  18. oh I really love the grey hexagon lambswool cushion! cool to see the photos of your old place in this post :-)

  19. So many lovely things at Jamie Kay! But my favourite is probably the periscope grey cross blanket.

  20. LOVE her grey triangle lambs wool blanket, be so nice to snuggle with in front of the telly.

  21. I really like the Round Velvet Cushions, the Hexagon Lambswool Blankets, the Hexagon Lambswool Cushions, the Triangle Lambswool Blankets, the Grey Lambswool Blanket .. to name but a few. Now to find a kick arse job that will enable me to buy all these things ! I do have the perfect couch for the Tweedy Lambswool Cushion though ! Glad to have found your blog, it is always inspirational to see such creativity, flair, and motivation.

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