M A K E I T // dot wall DIY

We, like most, live in a rental. So I am always looking for temporary and affordable options to make the place our own. I have been obsessed over the spotted wall for a while now, and finally got around to doing it. It is one of the easiest, and pretty cheap DIYS.


 A pack of quik stik dots, colour of your choice : I got mine from Warehouse Stationary

Personally I like the more random patterned effect  and spaced out. So I just got on a ladder and started blue-tacking my dots to the wall! You can do it however works for you. Simple, easy, affordable and easily removed!


Until next time.

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6 thoughts on “M A K E I T // dot wall DIY

  1. Awesome. Just read you article in Homestyle and loved it. can I just asked, why did you need the blue tack? Can you not just stick it to the wall? Going to do it this weekend so just wanted to check. Amy x

    1. Hello! Thanks!!!! Glad you liked it, blush. I used Bluetack as we are renting, I didnt want to pull the paint off. Also I found they would stick and then come off super easy? So yes, bluetack was the winner on the day!

    2. Cool, blue tack it is. Thanks. Have been meaning to do this for ages. Was going to buy the proper wall dot stickers but this is a much cheaper (cooler) version!

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