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RENTAL RENO // Bedroom

When we moved into this place, The bedroom quickly became my favourite place.
It has the best light, and some of my favourite objects. That ladder, My fav philodendron, Good Luck mirror from the husband and my DIY cashmere cushions ( yes, cashmere. yum. )

Once again it didnt take much to make over this room. A swap out to simple calico curtains, change of a light shade and the exiting of the horrendous wardrobe door.

Then a case of the spots ( See my DIY here )  throw up a few vintage mirrors here and there ( I do have them in abundance ) They bounce the light in and just look so darn good! And last but not least, colour code the exposed wardrobe! I am aware that we only dress in Black, Grey, Denim and white, so this task was relatively easy for us.

So there you have it. The bedroom!

Until next time.

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RENTAL RENO // Lounge Before & After

Hello November!

I know, once again it has been a while, I have been a busy bee, and I can’t wait to share what I have been doing! In the mean time, say hello to our ‘new’ lounge!

We were fortunate to move in to it with a fairly neutral colour. So I don’t know if this is a Reno as much as a cover up. The only ‘major’ change is the curtains, traded out for cream ones from the warehouse, and the light shade, which we already had from IKEA.

But keeping the tones light and bright made the room feel fresh. Adding texture in the cushions and throws creates depth. And hanging some artwork gives it some personality.

Now, listen, it does not have to be expensive. The artwork on the wall is a photo I took whilst in America, I put some script over it and took it to a printer, cost me $12 to get printed. Then I hung it up with a couple of bulldog clips and drawing pins. The antlers are from trade me and the crosses are washi tape.  Bam. Done, dusted, happy. So get hunting.

Until next time.

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RENTAL RENO // Before & After :: KITCHEN


IMG_9948 copy IMG_9955 ONE IMG_9971 TWO

Our new house is finally beginning to feel like our home.  And although I still have lofty dreams of actual renovation, actually owning our own home and of making a nest for ourselves we all know Auckland is a bit of a dick when it comes to house prices.  So I accept defeat, for now.  But not absolute defeat. I still refuse to live with ugliness.  Anywhere can go from butt ugly to half decent with a little elbow grease, some smart thinking and a bit of cash.  So here is what we did with our kitchen.

Firstly, Painted the wall, Now, we had to ask the landlord, and he was fine, so away I went.  I found that this grounded the kitchen a little more. I used paint we already had, so ‘freebie’. But often you can get test pots cheap, or cheap paint at renovation dealerships and Habitat for Humanity stores.

Secondly, We changed the handles. The drawer handles from a second hand shop for 50c a pop. And we made our own handles for the others, You can see the DIY HERE.

Next, we covered the bench top with a vinyl. You can get it at your local bunnings, for $20 a roll, or I found it HERE for $3 a roll. So a little cheaper. It took 5 rolls to cover everything completely. It is basically like covering your books with duraseal, but its your benches….with this stuff.

Finally, The husband made me a shelf. with a couple of braces ( $3 each ) and we were lazy and bought a pre cut piece of wood ( $15 )

So under $50 for the change, that is not breaking the bank. And now I don’t want to throw up when I see the kitchen….Although I am still on the hunt for a fantastic lamp shade, I will let you know when I find it.

Until next time.
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M A K E I T // dot wall DIY

We, like most, live in a rental. So I am always looking for temporary and affordable options to make the place our own. I have been obsessed over the spotted wall for a while now, and finally got around to doing it. It is one of the easiest, and pretty cheap DIYS.


 A pack of quik stik dots, colour of your choice : I got mine from Warehouse Stationary

Personally I like the more random patterned effect  and spaced out. So I just got on a ladder and started blue-tacking my dots to the wall! You can do it however works for you. Simple, easy, affordable and easily removed!


Until next time.

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