Island Christmas

IMG_3328 IMG_3337

IMG_3374 IMG_3390 IMG_3444 IMG_3467 IMG_3488 IMG_3595Okay, Lets start at the start…..updates happening this week, starting with an Island Christmas.

This Christmas we went away.  Jumping on a boat to the stunning Waiheke Island. I don’t know why we don’t go there more, either way, best idea ever.

My parents travelled from Whangarei Heads, where I grew up, and the husband and I from Auckland. Unfortunately my two brothers and their babes couldnt make it. One is in Melbourne, the other in New York City. ( I am still scheming a white christmas over there, we will be back NYC, just you wait )

So off we went, to a family batch. Keeping it simple, Ma and I foraged a wreath, ate great food, swum, ate some more, and took the traditional put-the-camera-on-timer-and-run family photos.

Blood fantastic.

Hope your Christmas was merry.
P.s Look at that kid grow!

Until next time

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RAGS // 16weeks

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white shirt // thrifted :: white singlet // made :: white bike shorts : Glassons tights cut off // White Converse // Care of The Husband

Things, they are a changing.

With a new season in life, a new wardrobe has emerged. For those who don’t know, I got the nick name Blackbird by the colour of my wardrobe. Black, head to toe. My favourite. I was all about the textures, not colour.

Now, with the change of season and the impending arrival of The Kid. Changes have moved into the wardrobe. And not a gradual transition, but a swift punch to the face kind of change. I simply put on black on day and said, ” Nope. Not right. ” And in the space of a week I had packed up my black and completely changed to an array of white and grey.

A selection from thrift stores, Stored clothes, cheaper basics and a few sewing afternoons left the bank account relatively happy and me in my new found etherealness.

So there you go. Saying yes to White and Bright. Thanks to The Kid.

And Happy 16weeks little one!

Until next time.

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and The Kid.

Baby #1

Yes! We are having a baby!

The start of a new adventure.

I can’t wait to meet this kid, wearing his or hers little Harley tank? I mean c’mon! How could you not love that!?

I already have a bump, yes, at just about 13weeks, this kid is not shy. So get ready for some baby goodness here on the blog.

Until next time.

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plus one! x