MOVING // #1



This weekend is moving day. I don’t know how it came up so damn fast. But it is nearly here. I can’t decide if I am excited, or dreading it, more excited at this point I think. Excited for a new canvas. I spent yesterday packing and driving over some of the breakables to our new abode. Apparently we have a lot  of breakables. And as a treat, I let myself do a little decor in the afternoon. Yes, that is completely a treat for me. So, I transfered the dot wall from our old home, and put up a new light shade, this one is from IKEA. But the dot wall?, seriously, it is the easiest way to change up a rental, You can see my DIY over HERE. In the next few weeks I will be showing you other handy ideas to change up your rental. I am pretttttty pumped. Okay, back to the boxes.

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  1. Thanks! How is your new home going? Friends of ours bought these home for us actually, But there is an ‘IKEA’ store ( Myflatpack ) in Auckland, but it’s about three times the price.

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