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Some days you just want to pack up and leave, no matter how great life can be. Maybe it was a case of winter blues, but Saturday was one of those days. So we that is just what we did.  Packed us and the pup into the car and headed for the coast. Best idea ever.

Kairakau is by far one of my favourite spots around Hawkes Bay, rugged and raw with the most beautiful escarpment keeping watch over the sleepy little place. The combination of that, the sweetest little Bach and 24 hours of fresh air and no cell phone coverage, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Get-away

  1. This is totally what I need right now…Looks lovely and no cellphone coverage…Perfecto!

  2. I’ve just started following you via GFC as Bloglovin’ doesn’t seem to notify me when a new blog post is up and I’ve missed quite a few of your posts. Nothing quite like a flick through your beautiful images when the weekend weather is as wintry as it is at the moment. I love the Hawkes Bay and your getaway looks like the perfect mid-winter holiday.

  3. Hmm, that is strange, Thanks for the heads up Leanne! Glad you enjoyed the posts, we loved our get away!!

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