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Even as winter rolls in, I am loving this summer shade of indigo. Injecting a little colour into my otherwise neural house is as easy as some beautiful linen cushions and a little dye.


Here is what you will need : Two linen cushion covers – I chose euro size from Citta Design, one packet of Blue Jeans by DYLON Fabric Dye, snips or scissors, salt, string, a couple of buckets and rubber gloves.


Taking your pre washed cushion covers, simply bunch through the middle and tie firmly with your string. Note : Any gaps in the string will let the dye through, also the tighter you tie it, the less dye that penetrates.


Next,  wet the covers and ring out. This will create more of a gradual line, a dry piece of fabric will have a far blunter transition.


Follow the instructions on your particular dye packet to mix your dye.

Next,  dip half your cover and allow to soak for 45 minutes . At this stage you can push a little more of the cover under the dye, and soak for another 10 minutes. Lift out and leave them to hang over another bucket with the undyed end at the bottom. Gradually your dye will seep down, the longer you leave it, the more dye fades over the white. Make sure you dry somewhere out of the sun. DO NOT take the string off until the fabric is dry!


And there you have it! Fresh summer cushion covers all year round!

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33 thoughts on “MAKE IT | shibori dip cushions

  1. wow these are seriously cool, I’m looking to inject some bright colour into the new master bedroom so this could work perfectly, although I think it may have to be a bright pink or magenta. Thanks for sharing.

      1. I love this (and the entire blog) — bought all the materials to make this weekend! At what point do you use the salt? Should I mix it in with the dye? Thanks!

        1. Hey! Just wondering about the same thing. Love these cushions. Is the salt used in the wash afterwards or in the actual dye? Thanks!

    1. Add to the dye as directed on the package. Chemistry!! =) Makes the fabric absorb the dye better and fade less through washings (hand washing recommended by Shibori experts).

  2. Love this – trying out this weekend i think! Question, the covers you bought, they come with just the covers right? What size inner have you used or where did you grab them from? X

    1. Hi,love the pillow and will definitely make them.Is it possible to get the picture somewhere ?

      1. Hi Maude! Unfortunately we picked that up from an artist in Mexico!

  3. Absolutely love these! Really enjoyed having a go at my own. Question- can/should the covers be washed to prevent transfer of dye onto other things? Or will this ruin the effect and merge the dye into the fabric more?
    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Helena!
      So glad that you enjoyed making them! The covers can most certainly be washed, if you have followed and used fabric dye, once they have been dyed and dried, they should not run at all! Hope that helps! Thanks!

  4. Way Cool!!! I love the way these turned out!!! Have you ever tried using Acrylic paint (watered down) instead of dye?

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