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Carrying on from my bathroom essentials list, I thought I would share my day to day, on the go, handbag essentials list!

BKR water bottle | I am a thirsty gal, so when I am about and about, or even at home, my BKR is full and handy. And it’s Glass + silicone, BPA-free, phthalate-free and pretty cute. Win win win. 

Tape Measure | I use this constantly! Whether it’s for furniture or fabric, it is the handiest thing.

Doggy Treats | Either in my bag or my pocket. The glamour of dog ownership.

Sophie Conran Secateurs | How else am I supposed to wrangle that roadside goodness?

Issey Miyake PerfumeAlthough I am on the hunt for a new scent ( I am thinking a little more grown up and a little less girly, any suggestions? ) this has been my staple.

Composition Book | I stocked up on these last time we were in America, they are my all time fav for jotting, scribbling and list making. 

Uniball Pens | At least three, I have counted up to 12 at one point in time. Seriously though, I am a bit of a pen snob. Don’t you try to make me use you bulk pack ball points reception lady.

Iphone | Where would I be without you. Plus my super cute case from the babes at Bread & Butter Letter to keep it safe and stylish.

Karen Walker Anytimes | The queen of eyewear. The perfect ” I left the house without mascara and I look suuuuper tired” shades.

Georgia Jay Bebe purse | Keeps all the cards in and looks pretty whilst doing it. Super soft leather and the perfect shade of mushroom.

M.A.C Lip Pencil | I use this as a lipstick, for those running out the door, last minute touch ups. pairs perfectly with the ” I left the house without mascara and I look suuuuper tired” shades.

Kiyoko Lip Balm | The best balm I have found. Natural, nourishing and smells delicious  plus perfect packaging.

Buffalo Comb | There seems to be a trend here that I don’t actually do my hair or make up until I have left this house. Well that being said, this puppy helps tame the mane just right.


What are you handbag staples?

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6 thoughts on “ESSENTIALS | In the bag

  1. Comme de garçon Amazing green or Wonder wood are both beauties… So is Ingrid Starnes Vetyver bergamot x

  2. I’m so glad you included that notebook! For the longest time, I’ve been wondering what they were called and now I can finally see if they are on ebay…

    We have two essentials in common! KW sunnies (Northern Lights) and MAC lip liner in Redd which is so darn good on its own! x

  3. new scent suggestions that i’m obsessed with lately: carven, hermes absolu, burberry the beat

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