Bathroom essentials & Ecostore giveaway ( CLOSED )



When it comes to bathrooms, these are undoubtably my ‘must-haves’


Practical but pretty  |  And not just pretty, organsied. For me, they day starts better when everything is in it’s place. But with such a small bathroom and limited storage how do I be practical and pretty?  Fog Linen wire storage, thats how. Available from On the subject of pretty, this sweet little dish from Houston Design Co is the holder of everything that needs a transitional home, from rings, to bobbie pins it’s the handiest thing around. Available from .  And finally, no bathroom is complete without the addition of Turkish cotton towels, light weight but luxurious. Perfection.  Available from

Calm & Serene  |  Like the bedroom, I believe the Bathroom should bea  restful place. A place to collect your thoughts in the morning, or unwind in the evening. And nothing does this more than a delicious scented candle, Midnight Orchid from Ecoya is at the top of my list. Available from . Finally, being honest, nothing screams calm and screne to me than a beautiful clean space. Ecostore is the practically only product we use. Not only do the work a treat, they smell amazing and are ‘free from all nasties’ triple tick in my book.


The lovely folks at Ecostore have been incredibly generous and have one  Pamper Pack up for grabs! Inculding Hand wash  Body was, hand and body moisturiser and soaps! All you have to do is head over to Ecostore and tell us your favourite bathroom product in the comments below!

Winner drawn at random next Monday.


Good Luck!

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92 thoughts on “Bathroom essentials & Ecostore giveaway ( CLOSED )

  1. i love the multi purpose spray cleaner – nice smell + no nasties! like to know i’m not using harsh chemicals in the bathroom with a toddler in the house.

  2. would love to try out the extra moisturizing body lotion, bet it would make my skin so silky soft

  3. My go to favourite is the Manuka honey & kelp body soap ! Gentle on the skin and a subtle fresh scent :) yum.

  4. I love the grapefruit and mint hand wash… Wish there was a body wash equivalent, yummiest smell!

  5. the lemongrass bar soap is my favourite – it’s definitely an everyday item in my bathroom

  6. I can’t pick between my two favourites – I adore the Rose and Cardamon hand wash but the new Orange and Thyne all purpose cleaner leaves the whole house smelling divine :)

  7. So many beautiful things to choose from…but my favourite would have to be the goats milk soap! x

  8. I love the baby bubble bath for my kiddies. It wasn’t until I found it that they had ever had a bubble bath due to sensitive skin – feels good to give my kids something ever child should get to have without the worry of skin irritation.

  9. We all love the coconut and vanilla body wash in our house, and it’s very gentle on our sensitive skin.

  10. It’s got to be the Delicates and Wool Wash. Nothing’s more serene then handwashing my favourite clothes while listening to a good audiobook x

  11. Pretty boring – but the multi purpose spray cleaner is awesome with 2 young children :)

  12. I am loving the Ecostore Coconut & Vanilla Handwash
    Not only does it make my hands silky smooth it takes me straight to a tropical island -it smells absolutely divine xx

  13. B I G fan of the Rose & Cardamon Body Wash . It has this 70’s-esque minxy vibe going on . . . Always a staple in our abode . . . Ecostore can do no wrong x

  14. Definitely the lemongrass soap.Smells delicious with a gorgeous smooth feel that moisturises my skin rather than dries it out.

  15. My favourite bathroom product is a burning beeswax candle. Ecostore’s rose and cardamon handwash is also a sensationally fabulous; easy to use; lovely to smell; vanity-love.

  16. I personally love the Love the grapefruit and mint foaming soap – how do they get it to foam!? I don’t know i’m not a scientist but it amazes me everytime and is the best smelling soap!

  17. Baby sleepy time bath is amazing! I use it for in the bath but also a few drops to scent the baby wipes instead of having heavily fragranced products.


  19. I adore the coconut and vanilla handwash. Brings back great memories of family holidays and aromatherapy for mind, body and soul!!! Always makes me feel more optimistic

  20. All their products are great, I’ve used the dishwash and clothes detergent for years now, I love the geranium and orange laundry liquid.

  21. I’ve used EcoStore soaps for years, they are well priced and smell fantastic. A bar of soap in the shower is a must for me, an old fashioned gal. However I really like a no mess pump soap for the basin and have recently turned to Ecostore’s Rose & Geranium Hand Wash. I would have to say this is my favourite bathroom product ! Especially being Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free. I’m super keen to try the Coconut & Vanilla next. And actually I have one in the kitchen too, as every basin should do *

  22. I just picked up the orange and patchouli handwash on a whim from the supermarket the other day, and I have so much love for it. Looking forward to trying out their other products.

  23. My favorite? The Grapefruit and Mint Soap! A hands down (!) winner, it smells so delicious that come to think of it…’washing your mouth out with soap’ wouldn’t be an unpleasant experience at all!

  24. LOVE the citrus bathroom cleaner spray. Doesn’t dry out my hands when cleaning and the scent is devine :-) Even my kids love the smell!!

  25. The lemongrass soap. So invigorating in the morning. Helps me get cracking by waking me up in the shower.

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