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PRODUCT | May Lindstrom Skin – The Honey Mud, from Tonic Room

  Around this time every year, after a long winter and the onset of baring all for summer, there is nothing my skin needs more than a little love and hydration. And May Lindstrom’s – The Honey Mud does exactly that.

I chose to use it as a masque, but it can also be a daily gentle cleanse. I am always up for a good mask, when life gets a little crazy there is nothing like soaking in the tub with a masque to bring you back.

It’s ‘pudding’ like texture goes on like, well, delicious velvety face pudding really. And the smell is incredible. Honey, Cocoa, a little sweet orange and vanilla with a hint of juniper too. Wild harvested in the unsprayed, unfertilised Michigan wildflower fields. How could you not want that on your face? The aroma alone leaves you feeling fresh and relaxed. Because of it’s natural content and its organic nature, Its not harsh. It doesn’t ravage your face to give it a ‘glow’ it gently nuzzles in saying ” hey skin, I believe in you, lets work together. ” The end result, refreshed, soft and smelling pretty tasty.  Plus once you have used it all up you have a beautiful, heavy amber container to  re-use. Win win.

The may lindstrom skin – The Honey Mud is available at Tonic Room online and in-store at 465 New North Road, Kingsland. 

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