I can barely comprehend where the last month has gone. We have moved house, Moved cities, Had a house move cities and started renovation on our first home. Two days without power and 11 days without hot water, we are finally beginning to feel like we have some sort of a home. It has been non stop to say the least. But with the help our our incredible family and friends, it has been a lot easier than it could’ve been. And for that we are beyond thankful.With everything going on with our lives and with our Coco Darling, it was so important to make some sort of a haven for us. So after getting the house weather proof and liveable our first port of call is to finish our master bedroom. And we cannot wait to show it to you. It is pretty darn exciting really.So watch this space, it shouldn’t be too long now.

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6 thoughts on “RENO LIFE NO.1

  1. hi there, I came across your blog via homestyle mag. We are renovating a place at the moment that has similar brick veneer cladding, with weatherboards underneath. We’ve taken off some of the cladding to check out the weatherboards, and they appear to be painted with some kind of textured paint… Just wondering if you found this with yours? cheers, Gemma

    1. Hiya! No, we had your classic exterior paint under ours, with no texture, interesting!

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