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A few weeks ago, I shared photos of the fabulous. Yes, Fabulous, Annie O’s terrarium workshop at Studio 46.

Coming home, I was all inspired to finally getting around to making my own.

I have had the vessel for quite some time, I picked it up at a garage sale in Hawkes Bay for a couple of bucks. And old mate jesus, who I spray painted. And finally I headed to get my little mates to go inside. Coromandel Cacti. Heaven. Rows and rows of succulent & cacti goodness, from the cute tiny to the bloody massive. And all as chip as chips.

I picked myself out couple of Aloe variegata and a big old Sedum rubrotinctum or jelly bean plant.

Both are hardy and robust, so they don’t mind if they are ignored by their plant mother.

I also got me some cacti soil, that has bits and pieces that they like, and some small pebbles.

So, this isn’t a tutorial as such, it is more like a ‘see, I made one, and you can too, and they are nice and fun to have around the house.’ kind of thing.

Brilliant, get your green thumbs out & let them have a party.

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