MAKE IT // hand drawn font for fools.


When I was younger, and still a little now, one of my favourite past times was practicing my hand writing. Seriously. I used to drive my mother mad by ripping all the pages out of my books if my writing wasn’t nice enough. Crazy. Kid.

And over the years I have learnt a few things.

First off.  Do not rip out all the pages, It makes the ones at the back of the book fall out.

Secondly, I am, to a certain degree technologically challenged.

Thirdly. I either don’t read instructions properly or more likely, I am too impatient to read them, start it anyway, and give up because it doesn’t work.

And lastly, I write and shoot on a slightly skew-if angle. Like I am permanently on a slope.

So is my ‘ Hand drawn font for fools. ‘

 1. Take a sheet of paper and a medium felt nib pen. Preferably black, Is there any other colour of pen. C’mon.

  2. Write in your mostly lovely hand, or draw pictures or cool colloquial sayings like YOLO and stuff.

  3. Scan that sucker.

  4. Open that sucker in photoshop. Using you wonderful magic eraser tool, get rid of all that white, unless you want some.

  5. Copy and paste that sucker onto your nifty photos.

 6. Post it on the world wide web so people can see how clever you are.

If I can do it, So can you.  Happy hand writing!

Until next time,BlackbirdBLOG signature

( See what I did there, flaaaaaaash )

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