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HIM&HER // Turning 28

Silk top : Thrifted // Shorts : Glassons // Wool cardigan : Country Road

A few days ago I turned 28.  Ahhhh, growing older, the inevitable.  To be honest, I am not incredibly apposed.  The idea of getting older is okay with me.  Sure, I see my youthfulness fall into the lines that start showing on my face, and I may not know who the latest celebrity is, but I really dont care. I am waiting for  the wisdom and the clarity that comes with age. It will be mine.

In other news, Here we are on my birthday at Piha beach. I bloody love this place. One day we will build a great home here. That’s the plan.

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Boy do I love going home. Heading north, coming over the top of the Brynderwyn’s, and there it is. The Heads. Home. Plus my Mama Bear always puts on a good spread.

Homemade Mexican and Rhubarb charlotte where on the menu this time. My favourite. Lucky girl.

 My ma and pa built it with their very own hands, They are pretty brilliant. But once us kids moved out, they re built and now rent this as a holiday home. Yes, that does mean you can stay here too. For a price.

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For more information head to the Te Piringa website or facebook.

HIM&HER // away

Gosh it felt good to get out of the city. A much needed get-away that the husband ‘surprised’ me with. What a good man. We went a few hours south and out to the coast, to Whangamata. It such a sleepy town at this time of year, just the way we like it.

Due to a stormy weekend most of it was spent indoors. With Empire records on VHS, Super Mario Brothers board game and Rummikub. French toast and the longest shake in town.  And finally, with a little clearing in the weather we took a drive to Thames. Had a taste of America from a german man, and a beach adventure. Pretty bloody good if you ask me. Thanks Whangamata, Thanks Husband, We will be back.

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RAGS // Him & Her

GEM wears  //  Top : Glassons // Pants : Topshop // Lipstick : M.A.C

NATHAN wears  //  Top : ASOS  //  Jeans : ASOS

That is him & I, trying to share a small bathroom ever so nicely. I thought the husband should get a little feature on the blog, Some day I will do a then & now of us when we first met. Think dickies shorts, band tees and skate shoes. Hmmm. That was him, not me. Oh, but we did tend to have his & hers bandanas. Cute. This is also one of the few photos lately, of us together. Me with a nice big camera over my face. Perfect.

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