RENO LIFE // Master Bedroom Progress

We are nearing the end of week three here. Seriously! I do not know where the time has gone! But with the prep work out of the way, this week was painting and floor week. Most of you know by now that I swear by Resene Black White as a base colour. ( Yes, I believe white is a colour. ) It is pure brilliance. A dear friend told me about it once and I have never turned back. So with a rather large bucket of it in hand we took to the Master Bedroom.

I don’t know if the ‘before’ pictures really do it justice. It was HIDEOUS. Because of the move, the ceiling was rippled, and there were gaping holes at top of the architrave’s. The carpet had tinges of green throughout where someone had had a disaster trying to clean. The textured yellow wallpaper was billowing and torn in parts. So getting it to a slightly nice finish was a mission. Paint was scraped, Holes where filled, Wallpaper was torn down, Walls were skimmed, New backing paper was hung and those hideous blue glass light fixtures were taken far away ( thanks for that 1990’s decor )

Finally a lick of paint, re-position of the lights, a built in wardrobe and ripping up of the old carpet ( hello delicious Matai floor boards ) and now we are on to the fun stuff. So watch this space.

Until next time.

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I can barely comprehend where the last month has gone. We have moved house, Moved cities, Had a house move cities and started renovation on our first home. Two days without power and 11 days without hot water, we are finally beginning to feel like we have some sort of a home. It has been non stop to say the least. But with the help our our incredible family and friends, it has been a lot easier than it could’ve been. And for that we are beyond thankful.With everything going on with our lives and with our Coco Darling, it was so important to make some sort of a haven for us. So after getting the house weather proof and liveable our first port of call is to finish our master bedroom. And we cannot wait to show it to you. It is pretty darn exciting really.So watch this space, it shouldn’t be too long now.

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FIRST home

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this news with you!With a few changes happening in our life we thought why not another one?

Why not buy a house? Why not buy a house in Hawkes Bay?!So that is what we did. And we couldn’t be more pumped.

In but a month or so we will do the big shift. And although we are so sad to leave Auckland, It has been my home for 10 years, to leave our brilliant friends and church, we are so excited about the future and what it holds. We don’t know how long we will stay for, we will take it a day at a time. But for now, it will be home. We have family and such great friends down there that we can’t wait to spend more time with. As well as brilliant weather and produce abundance, there is also the fact of being able to own a three bedroom house with a garage and backyard for less than our tiny city rental.

So get ready to see even more home DIY, watch our house transform, Loads of adventures and new finds.

And of course a few visits back to ‘ The Big Smoke ‘Until next time.

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