Baby Bird on the way!


Romper from Nature Baby | Organic Cotton Blanket and beanie from Blackbird Goods | Knitted Elephant and Rattle are Vintage

Those who follow my Instagram may have seen the announcement a few weeks ago, but I thought I should make it blog official! We are in fact expecting a wee babe in the new year. It has been a bit of roller coaster of excitement and nerves due to our past experiences, but we are forever hopeful, and so far, so good. And with a new trimester, comes new growth spurts and expansions. Although I grew out of my high-waisted jeans fairly early, I have been making do with my normal wardrobe, partly because I now live in Hawkes Bay and find clothes shopping a bit of a struggle at times, and partly because the idea of buying a wardrobe for a few months kinda goes against a lot of what I believe. So minus jeans, maternity tights ( ohhhh man, I love those things ) and other necessities of pregnancy wears, I am hoping to buy things I love, that I can wear throughout, as well as after.

So here is my current ( fraction of a ) wish list!



Yoli & Otis | Reiner shirt – Light cotton gauze seems perfect for a summer pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding/hiding post pregnancy belly and beyond.

St.Agni Hugo | Loafer Slides – For when it becomes too hard to bend over, slides all the way. I recently stumbled across these guys and gee whizz, I absolutely love them! Picking a favourite was hard, so I may just need to buy more than one pair.

Kowtow | Scenic Crew – I love this trans-seasonal piece, pop it over a dress, or with jeans ( lets face it, it will mostly be worn with tights, at home, with no bra )

Sodashi | Calming Rose Face Mist – My friends at Tonic Room really know how to pick the best of natural skin care and other goodies, and since I am hoping to channel all the calm this pregnancy, this seems like the perfect companion.

Elizabeth Suzann | Harlow Tunic – I have loved Elizabeth Suzann’s gears for a long time now, and have basically just been looking for an excuse to buy anything from her, so I am pregnant, and treat yo self. ( plus free shipping!? perfect )

Kowtow | Building Blocks – Yes, Kowtow features once more, that is because they are awesome, organic and fair trade. Let Liv stocks their building blocks range, and this stretchy number will be my go-to/I will wear it everyday and hope no-one notices or cares.

Sarah Grey | Cashmere Robe – Ali from Tessuti does luxury well, so I chose this robe because  once again, treat.yo.self, plus there is an obvious trend of lounging going on.

Georgia Jay | Suede Roundie –  Although I have been through a full term pregnancy, the other end is completely unknown, but I hear a lot about big/ugly diaper bags, so  I plan on making the most of cute, small bags ( and will probably head to see Georgia to rebel against getting an actual diaper bag anyway. )


What were your pregnancy must-have’s or wish list?



8 thoughts on “Baby Bird on the way!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog off and on over the past year and enjoy your aesthetic and accounts of life in HB. Thank you for sharing so much about your struggle in becoming a mother. And truly best wishes for you during this wonderful time.

  2. Congratulations! I too am due in Jan, and live in HB, so we might see each other around! Also wondering and somewhat related, where are you finding maternity tights? I can’t find ones that will stay up!

    1. Hi Ces! Thanks and Congratulations to you too! I have got mine from Asos, they are over the belly, which I find key to not falling down!Good Luck!

  3. I only brought one ‘maternity’ thing, a pair of jeans from Topshop mainly because of my job, Coffee Roasting needs hard wearing clothes! – they also came in handy for the first month post birth. Every thing else I brought was KowTow, as I can/could wear it after, well that was the excuse! Good luck finding what works for you x

  4. Congratulations! Wishing you nothing but the best for this pregnancy. Thanks for sharing your struggles. We struggled to get pregnant, suffered miscarriages and it is so good to know that you aren’t alone.
    I second the Topshop over the bump maternity jeans – the best thing you’ll buy. Bought the Leigh jeans and wore through the pregnancy and post pregnancy. I’m tempted to buy a new pair now, they were just so comfy x

  5. I wish you all the luck, love and health in the cosmos. ???
    I should have been a big sister twice over, and would have loved to be, but it was not to happen for my mum. She was only able to tell me more than twenty years later about her two losses. Terrible sad stories, and no support like it seems people have today.

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