Backyard Fire Pit for Homestyle

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Squabs and Throw Cushions made by me, Fabric from The Fabric Store | Festoon Lights available from Flux Boutique | Paint is Blue Bark by Resene | Palm leaf and leather cabin luggage and Acacia round chopping board both from Paper Plane | Leather Moroccan pouf from Let Liv | Lime and Coconut soy candle from J.Danes MAKER | Palm available from Paradise Palms, Hawkes Bay | Plywood Crate from The Ply Guy | Enamel Mugs from Father Rabbit

It is warming up by the day here in the Hawkes Bay, so having a little spot to sit outdoors is  a must have. And although there are plans for a deck, they are on the horizon still. So in the meantime we focused on the awkward little corner in the back, creating a little spot to sit in the morning warmth and somewhere to toast marshmallows over once the sun goes down. With a few simple ideas and a bit of muscle we made one of our favourite ‘rooms’ in the house.

For the ‘how-to’s’ grab a copy of the latest Homestyle Magazine.

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35 thoughts on “Backyard Fire Pit for Homestyle

    1. Hi Evelyn, Its not actually a black but a petrol blue! Its called Blue Bark by Resene!

  1. Hi there Gem! I pinned the fifth photo a couple years ago, and since then it pops up constantly on my Pinterest feed. I finally had to really search google (by image) to find who created this dreamy little hideaway! I don’t know how often it is cited, but you must be so proud of your viral backyard! I have a small deck off the back of my house, but since our yard slopes down from front to back, the deck feels very exposed and un-cozy. I’m taking some inspiration from this cozy set-up for sure (minus the leather outdoors)! Thanks again for a great post, you’ve done a killer job!

  2. Wow!!!! Just wow, I have a weird awesome industrial nature cottage style going on and was at a loss for ideas for our small yard, but this, the combination and balance, contemporary yet weathered, so inviting, kudos!

  3. Beautiful!
    We are looking to do a corrugated fence as well. Is the metal also painted in the blue bark paint?

  4. hey there, what a beautiful backyard! i am so inspired, and love the idea of the corrugated roof panel fence. can you give us some details on how you built it? unfortunately I cannot find any info on it from homestyle. thank you!!!

    1. Hi Brooke, It’s a little hard to explain in a comment, but basically we made the wood frame and slotted in horizontal sheets, maybe I will do a post on it in the future, but I am sure if you showed the picture to someone handy they could help you out!

  5. I absolutely love the corrugated metal fence!!! Did you have to prep it in anyway before you painted it?

  6. I also have a question regarding the corrugated metal fence. When you say you “slotted in” and put the panels in, do you mean that you cut a channel in the fence posts that the metal panels then fit in to? It is fabulous looking! Thanks so much…

    1. Hi Robin,

      The fencing is corrugated iron, hung horizontally in a wood frame!

  7. On the backside of the fence where the 2 panels are overlapped, making the seem. At that seem is there a board that the panel is attached to? I know there are boards at the top and at the bottom but I was not sure if at the seem there was a support board.

  8. Hello! I just came across this post via Pinterest and I know I’m a little late to the party but I’m just curious if you ever did a follow up regarding the corrugated fence/Wall? Thanks!

  9. What technique did you use to prepare the galvanized metal sheets so the blue bark paint adheres well? Heard galvanized metal has a coating on it so paint peels off easily if you don’t put an appropriate primer on first

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