Kitchen Sneak Peek | Giveaway CLOSED

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Industrial lights from Kiwi Living | Tea Towels from Mavis & Osborn | Cleaners and brush by Ecostore | Ring dish made by yours truly | Coffee machine by Espresso Unplugged | Leather for pulls from Lapco

Renovating on a budget is hard at the best of times, let alone when you are living in it too. But the perks are seeing the finishing touches.  Once again we painted every surface white with Resene, this time opting for Double Alabaster. We also chose to make our own handles again and sourced leather from Lapco. The raw industrial lights came from Kiwi Living, the linen tea towels from beautiful Mavis and Osborn, and I finally got my mits on a a Presso from Espresso Unplugged ( delish and silent, perfect )

 So finally it’s done,  and with a bit of elbow grease (and the help of our friends at Ecostore) the grime, dust, tile adhesive and paint that gets EVERYWHERE in renovations was gone and we were able to cook our first meal in our new kitchen.

Also, we have a giveaway! A set of napkins from the delightful Mavis & Osbourn and a few goodies from our pals at Ecostore!

To Enter comment below what you would like most from Mavis & Osbourn and what your favourite Ecostore product is!

Giveaway CLOSED

 Full reveal in Homestyle magazine in the new year!

Good Luck!

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55 thoughts on “Kitchen Sneak Peek | Giveaway CLOSED

  1. The industrial lights look great :)
    Love the Womens Merino Lounge Pants from Mavis and Osbourne and my all time fav. ecostore product is their Laundry Liquid :)

  2. I would LOVE a pair of those Snake Charmer lounge pants. And I’m a regular user of Ecostore dish soap and washing powder. Can’t wait for the full reveal.

  3. Beautiful kitchen!

    Heaps of inspiration in here for our new kitchen! I would love the Home Linen Napkins in “dot” – PERFECT colour for our new house. My fave Ecostore product is the Multipurpose cleaner – just allround every day cleaning goodness!

  4. ooh the chambray linen napkins are perfect! and my fav ecostore product the grapefruit dish wash (but its hard to choose as they are all super!).

  5. What a beautiful kitchen!! love it :) Right, Mavis & Osborn- the little ‘my first adventure’ shoes for bubba are gorgeous, and fav ecostore product is the liquid laundry soap x

  6. Oh your kitchen is to die for… I love the black patch jumper from Mavis and Osborne (my son would look gorgeous in it!) and a fave of mine from Ecostore is their coconut soap, it’s just so good! Thanks for the giveaway chance x

  7. My favourite Eco store product is the dish brush!
    I bought one for my boyfriend to match the dishwashing liquid he’s got! (Which is my second favourite)

  8. Love your blog and following the reno.
    I would LOVE the circle tee. My favourite Eco store product is the baby sleepytime bath.

  9. Oh wow – Mavis and Osbourn is beautiful!! I love their “Peter Pan” top for littlies and have always been a huge fan of the Eco Store’s “Delicates and Wool Wash”. Smells divine and has kept our little girls hand knitted blanket in pristine condition. Love your blog and posts Gemma, gives me hours of inspiration xx

  10. Kitchen looks beautiful. the Mavis and Osborne linen house coat is beautiful, I’d feel much better about spending the weekends doing house work if I was wearing that and using entirely eco store products particularly the multi purpose spray because who doesn’t love a product that covers multiple bases.

  11. Jealous of your lovely new kitchen! I would like any of the baby boy gear from mavis and osbourne and my fav ecostore product is the body wash!

  12. Eeeee can’t wait to see the full glory of your kitchen Gem! Love everything so far :D I love Eco store Anti-dandruff S&C… so much more effective and lovely than the stuff chocca with chemicals and the Mavis and Osbourn ‘house coat’ is beyond rad! xx

  13. Mavis & Osborn: Industry clip double pocket apron
    Ecostore: Coconut soap
    P.S. I thoroughly enjoy your blog! Honestly, I get super excited when I see you’ve posted something new. You are a real source of inspiration. So thank you!

  14. Kitchen looks great! I would love thr LIMITED EDITION LINEN POLKA DOT PLEAT ME DRESS for my gal. And Im huge fan of the Eco Store eucalyptus laundry liquid. Smells amazing.

  15. Home Frenchie Apron (if only I had $125 to spare on an apron) and Eco Store’s coconut soap rules my world. I have a super stock of it.

  16. My fav eco store prod is the body butter. So amazing and not greasy. Luxurious. :) I love the shell tote bag from Mavis and Osborne.

  17. Aw, the Camo Lounge Pants are adorable, and my boy would look just like his daddy in them too. Cute!

    I love EcoStore, we pretty much use that brand for everything around our house

  18. This looks Gorgeous Gem!! Well done. I love the ecostore body wash and foaming handwash. And how cute is all the Mavis and Osbourn baby boy stuff?!

  19. Kitchen is looking gorgeous!! Love the snake charmer lounge pants! Fav ecostore product is their foaming hand wash :)

  20. My fav from eco-store is the foaming grapefruit soap! I have it in my kitchen and bathroom.
    Mavis and Osborne oh my so hard to choose. I’m going to go with the leather based travel bag because i’m dreaming of a holiday right now:)

  21. Oh my gosh Mavis and Osborn’s women’s fishing jacket is incredible! And also in love with their linen tea towels. And ecostore’s handwash is the best! x

  22. I rather like the Mavis & Osborn polka dot tea towels, they would add a definite quirk to my simple kitchen. And my favourite Ecostore product is the cream cleanser, it is the business.

    Your kitchen looks lovely and light, it must be very satisfying to have finished the nitty gritty and to now be able to enjoy the new space.

  23. Beautiful, simple, clean and bright. Cant wait to see the full reveal! Mavis and Osborne must have would be the Home Linen tea towel in “Dot”. Gorgeous on display in the kitchen and great to wrap around fresh muffins to take on summer picnics. All time favourite Ecostore product is the Geranium and Orange washing powder. Works brilliantly and smells divine :)

  24. It looks great, love the leather handles. From Mavis & Osbourn, the linen tea towels & I always use Ecostore dish liquid.

  25. Love your leather tabs as knobs! The merino woman’s pants look styley and comfy-win and the ecostore grapefruit dishwashing liquid and hand soap are my fav.

  26. Love love love your new kitchen!! I just adore ecostores hand soaps and body wash, and anything from Mavis and Osborne especially the linen napkins. X

  27. My fav mavis and osborne is Racoon Faux Fur Gilet and love the rose and cardamon handwash

  28. LOVE!!! My fave ecostore products are dish soap, washing powder, the patchouli and lemon(?) Hand soap and have just bought ecostore bodywash to try!! YEWW!!!

  29. Your kitchen looks wonderful and your blog is too! Love the merino lounge pants by Mavis & Osborn and the dish brush by Ecostore

  30. This is amazing! love seeing your renos. I have received a huge amount of inspiration from your blog for our rental and the little touches we can do to make it more us. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks! I love the Mavis and Osbourn linen tea towels and my favourite ecostore product at the moment is their orange and patchouli body wash.

  31. I’d loooove that linen house coat! I don’t think I’d wear anything but that if I could! As for Eco store I love it all but the coconut and vanilla hand wash is my fave. Anything coconut gets my vote!

  32. I love the Bird Fishing Jacket from Mavis & Osborn, and how cute is it that it comes in Little Bird and Big Bird?! One for all the family! My favourite Ecostore product is their laundry powder – I’ve used it for years!

  33. So lovely. ooooo i adore the linen tea towels from Mavis & Osborn and i was just introduced to the Eco Store multi purpose cleaner which is great plus i love their handwash! I will start to explore more of their range… :-) Thank you Blackbird x

  34. Love your kitchen, it is so beautiful. The ring dish is so sweet and such a good idea. Love the baby blanket from Mavis and Osborn, and I am a fan of the Grapefruit dishwash from EcoStore :)

  35. Your kitchen is stunning!
    The snake charmer lounge pants are amazing and we are big fans of the Ecostore baby shampoo around here

  36. Oh my. I must have the Linen House Coat from Mavis & Osbourne. What a beautiful brands of wears. After reading the below comments, I am excited about the EcoStore Foaming Handsoap… I have not tried it! We use so much of their brand, but can never do with enough dish washing liquid. That’s my choice for today. x

  37. I’ve been SO excited to see how this place has scrubbed up after all these months of reno! I’m also in love with those lounge pants and I’m a regular user of Eco store spray and wipe and their laundry products. Actually, pretty much all of it!

  38. The Falls Dress from Mavis & Osborn is a fave. I have never used Ecostore Products but the Coconut & Vanilla Body Wash and Grapefruit Dish Wash sounds delicious!!

    I love following your blog, renovations & your DIY/Make It Posts. I can’t wait to make the DIY Rope Basket – supplies ready and waiting!!! Such great inspiration :)

  39. Awww Love it! Sooo want those tea towels! And I love the all purpose spray its the best!! Question Gem…… 3rd photo down, your little storage jars, where did you source them from? :-)

    1. Thanks!! The jars are old Agee jars from the op shop, but you can pick them up on trade me too!

  40. Everything is looking good!
    I love The fall’s dress from Mavis and Osbourne!
    And my face ecostore product is The dishwashing líquid. Thx!

  41. Ugh this is AMAZING. Every tiny detail is on point <3 Im having mega 'house crush' feelings right now!

    My fave ecostore product is the Bubblebath :)
    Im loving the Deluxe Industry Apron with Single pocket too- Leather straps <3 <3 <3

  42. I love the Mavis and Osborn home collection – especially the Frenchie Apron!
    Fave Ecostore product has to be the the All Purpose spray – we use it everywhere…. and their coconut + vanilla hand soap smells deeelicious

  43. The linen house coat looks amazing & from Eco Store, I love their dishwash

  44. Beautiful kitchen! Puts mine to shame!
    Love the Womens Merino Lounge Pants from Mavis and Osbourne, they look beautiful! And Im obsessed with all ecostore products, but my fav would have to be their coconut and vanilla soap. Daymmmmmm it smells good.

  45. Hey Gem
    Who did your ply for you bench top from? It’s the double thickness aye? Did you guys cut it and all that? I’m in hb too x

    1. Hi Karyn, My father and husband made our benchtop. It is double thickness on the edges, and braced underneath. We cut, joined and painted it. Plywood from Tumu. Thanks Karyn!

  46. Hello! I found you via homestyle mag on instagram and I’m loving looking back through your site. We are about to paint our new office/studio and that lovely double alabaster could be just the white we are looking for (there are SO MANY to choose from!). Am I correct in saying that you have white floors in some places of your house too? Did you use the same colour?

    Help appreciated!

    1. Hi Leonie!

      Thanks! SO glad you love the blog! Double Alabaster is a great white! Fresh and clean! For the floors we used Resene White, it is there no pigmented base, and I love it for floors! Good Luck! Gem x

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