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I have known I would have to write this post one day, but I didn’t think it would be now. I have thought about what I might feel like, and what I might write, but I still have no idea. There are no words.

Yesterday we heard the last few heartbeats of  our wee babe, and then our girl was still. There were no heartbeats, there were no movements and she had gone. 39 weeks and 2days, so close baby girl. We had hoped against all odds that we would get to meet you, for your eyes to open and look into ours. But we are so thankful for the weeks we had with you, we met you in a different way. And we will still hold you, love you and you will always be our first born, our daughter, our Coco Darling.

Thank you everyone who emailed, texted, sent gifts and love to us and our Coco Darling, we are so overwhelmed and so grateful.

We still need your prayers. There is still a labour, a birth and a burial to go through. From there we are taking the time we need as a family, to heal, to grieve and to recover.

We will be back when we are ready.

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  1. This is heartbreaking, I don’t know you but would like to give you and your husband a virtual hug

  2. My heart breaks for you and your partner. My family and I have also had to cope with a devastating loss like yours. I wish I were the only one that had to endure such heartache. I was so touched reading your messages and wanting people to acknowledge your Coco Darling. I find myself doing the same thing, talking about our Louise so she can never be forgotten or lost. May you be blessed in finding strength in one another and be surrounded always by love and light, I am sure your wee angel will see to that. Deepest sympathys

  3. My thoughts are with you and your husband. You are so brave writing this post. Sending love and hugs your way.

  4. oh my heart breaks for you and your hubby. She was so loved by you both, and she would have felt that. Wish I could take your hurt away. You are so so brave for sharing xx

  5. Truly heartbreaking. I don’t know you but I’ve been there throughout your entire pregnancy, on Instagram and the blog, and it breaks my heart to know it’s come to this. I was full of hope too. Kia kaha x

  6. So so sorry to hear. Coco Darling is blessed to have such a brave mama. We lost our lil girl Hope nearly 2 yrs ago, so my heart breaks for you and your partner, knowing a little of what you might be feeling. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Praying for hope and strength for you both xxx

  7. I am so so so sorry for your loss. I know that means nothing and I know it doesn’t change a thing. But please know that there are a lot of people out here thinking of you, grieving with you and praying you strength & love to get through this immeasurable heartache. Sometimes life isn’t fair and you are dealt hands that don’t seem right. In time, may you understand and know why you have been chosen to experience this very difficult challenge on your journey through life. Your Coco Darling will be with you forever. Hugs xxx

  8. Its too hard, the worst. So close and then dreams smashed. We lost three of our babies one after the other over 2.5 years, not so far along but far enough to dare belive it could happen. It takes so long for the pain to feel bearable and it never really goes but keep breathing and loving each other a day at a time.

  9. Xxx I am so sorry. You ARE amazing! and even if you feel like you don’t have any strength left you still have an incredible event yet to come. I am sorry she won’t be able to open her eyes and defy the odds of medicine, just remember you are finally getting to meet your gorgeous baby so from this take strength. There is nothing more heart breaking then giving birth to a child who has passed. Enjoy your time with her, give lots of kisses, cuddles, footprints and photos. Vivid Memories are with you for such a short time, they are with you every night in your dreams and at times you wish you could just forget so you don’t have to relive that pain….. But in time those memories fade and you wish nothing more than to have them again. All my love and thoughts are with you xxxxx

  10. We are strangers, but I want to send you love and tell you that I am thinking about your beautiful little Coco Darling x

  11. Thank you for being brave in sharing this piece of devastating news. My wife and I have had a similar experience and feel for you and your family.

    We found talking to wise counsel that have had a similar experience to be invaluable. They provided us with an outlook that was informed by many years of dealing with the pain and the journey towards hope.

  12. I don’t know you personally but have followed your pregnancy on your blog and Instagram. I have loved how you have celebrated the life of your wee Coco and been so brave in sharing hers and your journey so far. You are an amazing, brave lady. I am so very sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time and in the days ahead. Much love xx

  13. I am truly for your loss, I hope you have a strong support network around you at this time. Be strong and keep thinking and talking about her.

  14. So so sorry for your loss! Thinking and praying for you both Gem and Nathan. xx

  15. Oh. I am just so sorry, it’s all so hard to fathom. From what I have read you are an incredibly strong woman. Coco Darling will know how much she is loved x

  16. My Heart aches for you, your husband, you darling Coco. She knows you and loves you more than you will understand. Good luck with what’s ahead, sending love, power and strength, what wonderfully strong loving parents you are.

  17. my heart and strength goes out to you at this time and your beautiful Coco aswell, the same situation happened with our beautiful baby boy aswell at 39 weeks, the memories are the things that I hold on to dearly the photos, his blanket, spending time with him, Heartfelt is a great organisation that take photos for free of your beautiful baby and your family (if you want) there is no right or wrong in this situation, you grieve how you want to grieve, making memories helped some of us. Also Carly Marie is wonderful, Sands is a great organisation too. Have a healing circle of friends and family around you. A mother’s love is the strongest love you can get you will get through this but take all time to grieve your beautiful Coco, cherish the tme with her and know that you are a beautiful mother and will always be her Mother, I read somewhere something that I could associate with, your heart is shattered like a mirror, it will be put together again but in a different way, with a big piece of your Coco remaining in there..

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    thoughts are with you at this time

  18. Mama I am sorry. I will continue praying for you 2 in our nightly prayers. Love ya- xo

  19. My heart aches for you Blackbird. May your man and yourself find strength through these unfair and dark times. Coco will send you light and she will always be there in your hearts.

  20. I’m sorry. Words which are so very inadequate. My thoughts & prayers are with you.

  21. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I think of you often and wonder how you are holding up and how delivery of #cocodarling went. I know these past few days and those to come will feel like you are in a fog. Praying for strength, peace, and comfort for you as you walk through this.

    Even though I have never met you, know that you and your situation are close to my heart and in my prayers.

  22. I’m so incredibly sorry for the loss of little Coco. Your hearts must be torn apart. Take extra care and look after one another – it is a truly awfully sad and heart wrenching time for you both and for your families and friends.

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