MAKE IT // cotton knitted dishcloth

Let’s face it, for the most part, dishcloths are pretty darn ugly and seem to die after a few washes.  I mean I know it is ‘just’ a dishcloth, but it is something we use multiple times a day, that gets used and abused and that generally hangs over your tap in the kitchen for all to see. So why can’t it be a bit pretty, cheap, even more effective and sustainable? These guys cost about $1.25 a pop, plus a little time and last through countless washes. Boxes ticked? Yes? And they are fairly easy too.

If you can knit a line, you can make them.

One ball of cotton twine – I found mine at the local emporium, $2.50 for two

One pair of needles – Mine were 3.5mm, the smaller the needles the closer the weave


Cast on four stitches
Knit one row
Increase by a stitch each row until you have 40
Knit one row
Decrease your stitches each row until you have one.
Cast off

There you have it. I will no longer waste time staring at the ugliness that was my dishcloth.

Go forth and knit your way to a prettier cleaning experience.

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4 thoughts on “MAKE IT // cotton knitted dishcloth

  1. Nice one Blackbird, my great-grandmother used to knit these and she hasn’t been with us for a while now, but I have fond memories (of a dishcloth? No, her!) and have been thinking about making some myself. So much prettier than those nasty chux.

  2. My mother made me one of these for a gift and it sure keeps on giving! They are amazing, can’t tell you how great I think they are – just threw it in some bleach this morning and it’s hanging on the line all new (and clean!) again. My SIL uses nappy soaking product to clean hers. Have a great weekend !

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