Island Christmas

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IMG_3374 IMG_3390 IMG_3444 IMG_3467 IMG_3488 IMG_3595Okay, Lets start at the start…..updates happening this week, starting with an Island Christmas.

This Christmas we went away.  Jumping on a boat to the stunning Waiheke Island. I don’t know why we don’t go there more, either way, best idea ever.

My parents travelled from Whangarei Heads, where I grew up, and the husband and I from Auckland. Unfortunately my two brothers and their babes couldnt make it. One is in Melbourne, the other in New York City. ( I am still scheming a white christmas over there, we will be back NYC, just you wait )

So off we went, to a family batch. Keeping it simple, Ma and I foraged a wreath, ate great food, swum, ate some more, and took the traditional put-the-camera-on-timer-and-run family photos.

Blood fantastic.

Hope your Christmas was merry.
P.s Look at that kid grow!

Until next time

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  1. Looks like an absolute dream! Waiheke is definitely THE place I wanna be right now…Indiana is way too cold these days. You are all adorable! I especially love those portraits of you + Nate…cutiesss!!

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