YES PLEASE // Birthday edition

Converse all white shoe  //  Meadowlark geometric rings // Falconware mug // M.A.C Lipliner // Brass Sissors //   Ferm Living Marble cushion // Landlocked Apparel tee

Ahhhh birthdays.
Usually I like to have a ‘ celebration of my deterioration’ of sorts, but not this year. This year I will happily dine with a few friends and get an early night. I know, the years are catching up with me.
And with just over a month till my birthday, the hints begin.

 The husband says that I am hard to buy for, that I am fussy. I disagree, I am well educated darling husband, and have fine taste. So here is a helping hand for him.

You can thank me later love.

Until next time.

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