Moving House

We are moving house.

To put what this means into some sort of context. The husband and I, Well this is the longest we have stayed anywhere since 2007. And when we move, We would have been here just under a year. But this time it is not by our own wanderlust. The owners are selling.

So in the days before we go I am focusing on what I love about our little concrete corner. But also the things I will not miss, making it easier for me to part ways.

1  //  I will miss the open sky above us.

2  //  I will not, however, miss the crazy steps that lead to our house.

3  //  I will miss the sunshine in the trees and the birds that visit them.

4  //  I will not miss the dark corners. Even though they are sometimes quite beautiful.

5  //  I will miss the odd but wonderful built in storage that displayed our things.

6  //  I will miss the height of our ceilings that allowed me to giant plants.

7  //  I will not, ever, miss cooking only with a two top element and a convection oven.

So begins the hunt. It is bittersweet. This place is our home now, The first time we have really felt we have had a home. But I do love fresh starts, new spaces and a bit of re-decorating of course.

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3 thoughts on “Moving House

  1. sad to see you’re leaving your beautiful little space. hopefully you will find something even better suited to you two. you will absolutely make it look perfect :)

  2. There are, indeed, things we will miss on our old house as we decide to move into a new one. And though you are sad that you left this place you already called your home, I’m happy to hear that you now moved into a new one. Has the moving itself been easy? I sure hope so, especially accomplishing the legal paperworks needed to finally call this lovely abode your own. These are wonderful photos, by the way!
    Erick @ Churchill Mortgage

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