WORK // Behind the scenes

All images above by Blackbird.

B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S

Photographer // Heather Liddell
Photographer assistant // Bridgette Baker
Stylist // Gem Camille Speeden
Hair and Make Up // Olga Gill
Models // Chloe V and Renee S
From RED 11
Clothing // supplied by our pals at
p u b l i c   l i b r a r y

It is always a good night when you get to shoot with one of your best friends.

Heather Liddell. She is a babe of a woman, an incredibly talented photographer, and someone I have the pleasure of working with and learning from at The Little Details

These are the moments. This is the reality behind the glamour.
Beautiful Models, Guest Laundry, No room to sit but the chair in the bathroom.

A bloody great night with some bloody great girls.

( GBF 4 LYF )

Until next time.

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