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blackbird pet travel cushion

There is some pretty exciting news at our house, We are finally getting a puppy!

If you would like to see photos of our little pooch, head over to my instagram!

She is a delicious little Cavoodle, and we get to bring her home in two weeks, perfect timing for my birthday! So in anticipation of her arrival I made her this seriously easy little travel cushion for her crate! I wanted to to be able to throw the whole thing in the wash if any accidents ( undoubtably ) occurred.

Here is how I made it:

First off you will need : A sewing machine, 60cm by 60cm of durable material ( you could use old towels, t shirts, anything that is natural so it breathes ) 58cm by 58cm of thick batting, a ruler, a long needle and embroidery thread.

FIrst off, sew your squares of material together, leaving one side open. Turn your cushion cover inside out. Next take you batting and insert into the cover you have just sewn, make sure it is sitting flat and even. At this point I like to pin the open edge together, with the raw edge tucked in on it’s self. Then hand stitch the opening close.

Now is the fun part! Taking your ruler, measure out where you would like your tacs to be. Use a pin to mark the spot. Mine were 15cm apart. Thread your needle and tie off the end.  Coming through the back of the cushion, stitch one small diagonal line and bring the thread back through, then stitch another across it to form an X. Tie off, and repeat until done! And there you have it! A cozy little cushion for your pet!

blackbird travel bed

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