Coco Darling

Those of you who having followed the blog, my facebook or instagram know that we are expecting our first baby this june. But we thought we would introduce her early. Her, that’s right, we are having a girl.
Meet our Coco Darling.
We did not intend to share the sex of our baby just yet, and definitely not the name. But things have changed and we want to share her with you before her ‘arrival’. But let me go back to explain why.

Four weeks ago, at our 20week anatomy scan a few warning bells were raised. She was in the 2nd percentile for size, and the 10th for length, Coco is a very little baby. As they looked closer, they found out more.We were sent to the Fetal medicine ward at Auckland Hospital where they did a more in-depth scan, and we heard the first on Trisomy 18. They performed an amniocentesis, and we waited for the results. They came back 100%, Coco had Trisomy 18. We were heart broken to say the least.

 Trisomy 18 is a rare genetic disorder that is quoted as being ” incompatible with life ” One in 6,000 babes have Trisomy 18, Not many make it full term, and even then, most are still born. Most only live hours or days, only around 8% make it to their first birthday.
I have spent the last few weeks debating with myself to share or not to share. To be honest, I did not really want to share this. I didn’t want to talk about it. It hurt too much. But the other day something switched. Despite the statistics and pain, we love our Coco Darling more than I ever thought I could love someone. She is our daughter, we are so thankful she is in our lives. She is a fighter. And we want to pour as much love on her for as long as we have her. We pray for a miracle, but we are thankful for who she is regardless. We thank God for Coco daily. We are thankful for our dear friends, for the meals, for the prayers and texts and flowers. The hardest part isn’t over, we still need your help and your prayers. I may not want to talk about it, and somedays I might. I will have good days and Bad. But we will always want you to think, to love and to pray for our Coco Darling. 


Gem, Nathan and Coco Darling.

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  1. I am sincerely sorry for what you are going through, I don’t think I can give any words that would mend the pain and aching hearts but I believe in a God who performs miracles, who restores and heals, and I will pray for Him to shower you with outpouring love in these difficult times. I am glad to meet Coco, she looks just perfect on her little scan and hope so hard you get to enjoy her presence, her smell and everything little bit of thing that makes her Coco. Sending you lots of love X Audrey

  2. Oh Gem!! My heart breaks for you both as you face this agonising time. Please know that you will be in my prayers over the coming weeks and months. May Gods sustaining love and peace cover you constantly (Psalm 61:2) Much love xxx

  3. Hi Blackbird, so generous of you to share such heartbreakingly/wonderful news…heartbreaking because you never anticipate a “time-limit” to be put on your child’s life, wonderful because you have chosen to enjoy your little Coco Darling for the amazing little fighter that she is and to share your love for her. That is true generosity. Go well on your journey together as a family. Xx

  4. hi there, just letting you know we are praying for you both and reading this did bring a tear to my eye. Just remember God is our healer and Father and He loves us dearly. Let Him take you guys under His wing during this time and show you who He really is. God bless .

  5. You are so brave writing this. Coco is blessed to have you and your husband for parents!!! God chose well. We will pray for you and your wee Coco.
    Arohanui kate and miriam

  6. I’m a new reader but I wanted to say how brave you are. You are a wonderful mother already! I will keep you and Coco in my prayers.

  7. On this day, Valentines Day, know that I am pouring all my love and prayers to your precious family. Coco is a fighter and God loves her deeply. Keep on loving her and keep on loving each other. Praying so hard my dear xx

  8. Your family and your beautiful Coco is in my thoughts and prayers. What a beautiful, loving mother you already are. xx

  9. God has a plan for this little one. We don’t know what it is, what we do know is that we need to trust Him no matter what. It is not always easy but your Coco Darling knows your love, His love and we are sending our love too. I will lift you all up as you go through this and know that you are not going through this alone.

  10. Oh so sad to read this prayers are with you two. So hard. But our God is a God of miracles..believing for one for your wee family. much love xx

  11. Forever praying for your hearts.
    May Jesus have His glory.
    May we have our peace.
    Weeping for your family tonight.

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