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I bloody love Christmas. Any excuse to decorate, make delicious food and hang out with great people is A-Okay with me.

I always try to do at least one DIY each Christmas, It’s so much fun, and there is always something that I have had brewing up top. This year it was the foraged wreath. I is no secret that I love a bit of greenery. So off I went, roaming with my giant scissors ( I really need a more discrete pair ) and found myself some goodness.

Here is is the how to:

You will need:

One wreath, mine is from Geoffs on Dominon, and I sprayed it black, comes in natural.

Foraged Foliage and fauna. Try to use foliage that will keep well and not wilt fast. Most evergreens are good!


Instructions :

Start by winding the Ivy around the wreath, and tucking it into the gaps. Layering more and more, and then cutting the long pieces in half and sticking them into the sparse spots. Finally topping off with the seeded foliage. Mostly it held in by itself  but any loose bits I tucked in and used a pin to keep it sung.

And you’re done, Seriously, so easy!!!

Until next time.

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