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Sometimes you need to just take a bit of time out from a manic day and draw on a mug. So that is exactly what I did. As you know, we are moving, so I have been packing and living in a city of boxes. Which drives me crazy. And in domino fashion, the husband too.

As I was packing I found these plain mugs that I bought months ago with the grand intention of drawing on.  Like usual, everything else got in the way. Not today. I pulled the notional middle finger at packing, and sat down to draw the crap out of that mug.

This is what you will need //

A plain mug

A porcelaine pen, I picked mine up at an emporium. But craft stores have them too.


First, make sure that mug is nice and clean so that the pen will stick. Then draw out in a piece of paper what you want on the mug, that way you can muck up the paper, not the mug.  I drew inspiration form this tattoo with a line from city and colour’s song  ‘As much as I ever could’. But you can do whatever you choose. Obviously.

I then penciled in general outlines on the mug, the pencil comes of easy, but helps you keep proportion, somewhat . Finally, get that porcelain pen and go for it. Once that is done let is dry for 24 hours, then bake at 180 C, or whatever your specific pen tells you to.

Then have a cuppa with your bangin’ new mug.

Until next time.

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