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Empire Hair Tailor is not a salon. It is a new form of Hair stylist. A place to come, have a coffee, a beer or a wine and get yo hair did. A place to call your own.

In the cosy nook of Laundromat in Takapuna is Andy and his scissors. Director and Owner and wear of many hats, He is ready with a fresh take on hair, on style and on colour. To boil it down for you. Empire & Andy are Ace.

Andy Murray Yeoman…….Andrew,only if i’m being told off by my grandma. It also means Manly and Brave….yip enough said.

What do you do 9-5?
Generally? Well basically I get to hangout and yarn to people all day, alot of different cool people which keeps it fun. People come and see me for their hair tailoring needs (ohh snap see what i did there) Apparently I have mad skills at cutting and coloring hair (just saying just saying) So my clients come and see me to get something fresh. Aswell as Drink coffee, read magazines, check the surf,FB way too much, talk smack way too much.

What do you do with the other hours of the day?
I like to run in the mornings, ya know get all pumped for the day and start it right blah blah.I hang with my niece and nephews,I eatout and drink beers with friends, I indoor climb with friends, I go to the gym with my bro(….) ….otherwise stop and do nothing in the evening(but that rarely happens)

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Grew up? I still am growing up.

Favourite online places :
Im hopeless at reading computer screens and get bored looking at a computer…..so nowhere really, but TED talks are really inspiring sometimes and Pinterest is cool, and those lil youtube videos that show how rad people are they are cool, and epic redbull sport clips…dig them for sure!!!

Favourite real life places:
Around town? Brothers Brewey in CityDepot, that place is home and Food Truck there too soo good.Late Night Diner in Ponsonby is ligit!  
But outside the city, Wanaka, Abel Tasman and Takaka area, up north….I dont know this whole country is epic. Traveling and adventure is definitly what I love to do so anywhere thats cool and I can do that I love.

Listening to:
Really into Japandroids haaard at the moment, plus theyre playing KingsArms in September, be there its going to be epic! Flume,Polica….and I heard Julian Casablanca the otherday (may have bbutchered that name)that was pretty cool too, otherwise Sublime ye ol faithful

Im blessed to have a rad family and big crew, so im influenced by them, and also new people. people are amazing and they inspire/ challenge me to look at things differently and generally just be more awesome haha

Until next time.

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