HIM&HER // hospital hill

The husband comes from the Hawkes Bay. So we try to get down when we can and take a step back from the craziness that is our lives, along with visiting the family. So when we do it is always fun to discover something new. On this sunny Sunday, we took a drive to Napier, went up Hospital Hill, looking at the wonderful houses that sit nuzzled into the hill. It may be one of our favourite pass times at the moment, house dreaming. We tend to both lean towards the slightly unusual, the ugly duckling that with a little care could be the belle of the ball, the underdog of houses if you will.

Upon the top to the hill, there stands the abandoned hospital in all it’s beauty, A bit of a babe in it’s own odd and haunting way. Oh I would love to get my mits on it’s mid century style bones. Scrub her up all shiny. Here is to dreaming.

Until next time.

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